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Kenwood TS-2000S
All-Mode Multi-Bander Transceiver

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This one transceiver covers the HF/50 Mhz/144 Mhz/440 Mhz and 1200 Mhz** Bands in all modes (SSB, CW, FM, and AM) with output of up to 100 watts on HF, 6m and 2m, 50 watts on 70cm and 10 watts on 23cm**.

Since it is equipped with independent 144/440 sub band reception (AM and FM modes only) simultaneous reception on 2 bands is possible: HF x V/U, VxV, UxU and VxU. A typical application would be to gather local information on 144/440 at the same time as using HF for long range operations.

The Transceiver is equipped with an IF DSP for main band use (AF DSP for Sub bands).TS-870S technology has thus been adopted for all-mode applications VHF, UHF as well as HF. The combination of digital IF filters and DSP slope tuning results in enhanced versatility. With digital IF AGC (control IF gain via DSP), it is possible to set the time constant separately for each mode. Also, the IF auto-notch function makes it easy to remove interference while automatically tracking with DSP based adaptive filtering. Additionally the IF stage beat canceller is capable of eliminating multiple beats at the same time. Manual operation with the manual notch is convenient for CW use.

For noise reduction there is a choice of NR1 (Line enhancer, ideal for SSB) and NR2 (SPAC) which is popular among CW operators.
As with the TS-570, the operator can make use of CW Auto-tuning, while the availability of a DSP for SSB/CW/FSK/AM variable demodulation puts this transceiver a cut above analog equipment.

Kenwood's own 2-chip TNC (1200/9600 bps) enables sophisticated data communication (EXCLUDING APRS). Packet cluster information, so vital for HF operations can be displayed on the LCD. Moreover this data can be used for automatic tuning, though it is not possible to connect with node station using the internal modem. As DX cluster information received on the sub band can be used instantly for the main band setting, the transceiver operator has an advantage when tracking sought after stations.

  • Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner (HF and 6 meters)
  • Automatic satellite functions using DSP
  • Wide Receive: 30 KHz - 60 MHz, 142 - 152 MHz, 420 - 450 MHz, 1240 - 1300 MHz**
  • Output Power: 100 watts HF/6/2 m, 50 watts on 70 cm, 10 watts on 1.2GHz**
  • IF DSP on main band, AF DSP in the sub band
  • Built-in TNC for DX Packet Cluster monitoring (No APRS)
  • Built-in RS-232 port
  • Options:
    • RC-2000 Mobile Head Remote Controller for vehicle installation
    • ARCP-2000 computer control software
    • **Optional UT-20 1.2 GHz module Required for use in this band

Receiver Frequency Range:
(0.03) 0.5 ~ 30 MHz, (30) 50 ~ 54 (60) MHz,
(142) 144 ~ 148 (152) , (420) 430 ~ 450 MHz,
1240 ~ 1300 MHz (TS-2000X only),
(118) 144 ~ 148(174) MHz,
(220) 438 ~ 450 (512) MHz

Transmitter Frequency Range:
 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6, 2 meter bands, 70, 23 (TS-2000X only) cm bands
Sub: 2 meter band, 70cm band
* Figures in parenthesis ( ) indicate VFO coverage range

Transmit Output Power:
RF Output Power:
SSB/CW/FM/FSK=100W, AM=25W (HF, 6m, 2m),
SSB/CW/FM/FSK=50W, AM=12.5W (70cm)
SSB/CW/FM/FSK=10W, AM=2.5W (23cm) 

Modes of Operation:
A1A (CW), J3E (SSB), A3E (AM), F3E (FM), F1D (FSK), F2D 

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Kenwood TS-2000S

Package Includes:
• TS-2000S
• DC power cable
7-pin DIN plug
8-pin DIN plug
13-pin DIN plug

Fuse (25 A)
Fuse (4 A)
Screw Set
Spacer for MB-430
Instruction manual

• Schematic/ Block




Kenwood TS-2000S All Mode Multi-Band Transceiver


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