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saleKenwood TS-890S
HF/50mHz/70MHz Transceiver with Advanced DSP

Key Features :

• High-speed independent band scope
• RF ATT(OFF/6/12/18dB)
• Noise reduction function
• 7 inch TFT color display
• Heavy-duty design delivers transmitter performance able to withstand long hours of operation.
• Built-in high-speed automatic antenna tuner enabling high-speed operation
• Encode & decode possible with CW / PSK /RTTY
• 120 channel memory
• 3 PF keys
• Screen capture
• Remote operation via direct LAN connection is possible (see KNS in owner’s manual)
• Multiple USB connections
• External display connector (DVI-I)
• KEYPAD jack (add up to 8 external PF keys)


110dB* 3rd intermodulation dynamic range (3rd IMDR) measured under punishing 2kHz spacing conditions. 114dB* reciprocal mixing dynamic range (RMDR). 150dB* Blocking dynamic range (BDR) All features deliver top-class receive performance. The high-performance DSP displays its prowess during interference-signal control, sound-quality adjustment, and digital operation.
(*: 2 kHz spacing measurement standard - Receiver frequency 14.2 MHz, MODE CW, BW 500 Hz, PRE AMP OFF)

TCXO as standard, high frequency stability at ±0.1 ppm

Equipped with a TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) requiring no warm-up as standard, high stability of ±0.1ppm has been obtained in a wide temperature range covering from 0ºC~+50ºC. External standard signal (10MHz) input is also possible.

kenwood ts-890s
TCXO temperature drift characteristics - Values are measured examples.

Control - Operability

A variety of features achieve speedy split operation even with a single receiver. Speedy split frequency settings, split status band switching via a band direct key, and support for external TF watch via an external receiver. A panel layout enabling intuitive handling makes for comfortable operation.

Strong split-operation handling through VFOA/B

ts-890s- Split frequency settings
In addition to conventional split frequency setting methods, the TS-990S’s proven split setting functions have been included. For 2kHz UP, press ‘2’ on the number pad after a long press of the SPLIT key and the settings are complete. Split frequencies can be set within the range of ±9kHz (1kHz steps).



Split frequency receive via external receiver (menu setting feature)


By connecting another TS-890S or TS-590S/SG*1 unit to the ANT OUT connector to use as a sub- receiver*2 and using the split transfer function A, this can enable assistance in 2-wave simultaneous receive during split operation *3.
*2: Loss of approximately 3dB (theoretical value) is experienced
*3: Frequency transfer, standby, and sub- receiver audio mute are possible. Requires separate antenna cable and RS-232C cross-cable. Not compatible with combined SP/headphone use.

CW Morse decode/encode possible with stand-alone unit

CW decode/encode screen

The unit is compatible with CW Morse code decode/encode. Transmission of Morse code is possible with text input from a USB keyboard. Combined use of templates sent from message memories and Morse code transmissions via panel is also possible. Dedicated decode filter switching, and functions for transmission logs and output of decoded text to PC are also included.

FSK/PSK functions

- RTTY basic operation settings (keying polarity, shift width, HI/LO tones, reverse mode) - Compatible with PSK31 (QPSK, BPSK) and PSK63 (BPSK) - RTTY/PSK operation via on-board decoder/encoder (USB keyboard compliant) - Message memory function - Tuning scope display (audio FFT, waterfall/X-Y scope (FSK)/vector scope (PSK)

Remote operation achieved without host PC Direct remote-control function (KNS)


When operating using the KNS (KENWOOD Network Command System), remote operation of the radio as possible by a direct LAN connection. Conventional connection using a host PC and ARHP (Amateur Radio Host Program) is also possible.

Recording functions

The TS-890S comes equipped with a 1GB internal memory, and can record a maximum of roughly 9 hours of audio without using USB memory*. When using USB memory, depending on the capacity, there are no limits on the amount of audio recording. Recording options include normal, constant, and timer, and recording can also be linked to the squelch.
*: Other files sharing memory capacity may result in less than 9 hours.

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Until Oct 31, 2021
Reg. $4,699.99







Kenwood TS-890S HF & 6m Transceiver


Until Oct 31, 2021
Reg. $4,699.99

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