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Lowrance LCX-27C DF

Discontinued. Browse our selection of other great chartplotters here >>

Features newly-expanded built-in background map of the continental U.S. and Hawaii with greatly enhanced marine detail. Waterproof memory card slots are compatible with a superb variety of high-detail, plug-&-play electronic chart options including FreedomMaps, Fishing Hot Spots® PRO, LakeMaster ProMaps, NauticPath USA & International and Navionics electronic charts (including Navionics Platinum cards).

  • 7" diag. full VGA, 256-color SolarMax™ TFT display for maximum visibility and widest viewing angles even in bright sunlight
  • 480V x 640H pixel resolution for superb sonar target detail/separation and exceptional chart definition
  • Advanced fluorescent cold-cathode screen and keypad backlighting
  • Up to 1 kW RMS (8,000 watts peak-to-peak) transmit power for depths to 3,000 ft. (915 m) with 50 kHz*
  • NMEA 2000 connectivity for versatile data-sharing with all NMEA 2000 protocol networks and sensors
  • 5-pin Ethernet expansion port compatible for radar, video and satellite radio

NMEA 2000 Connectivity
Designed compatibility for versatile performance data-sharing with all NMEA 2000 protocol networks and sensors.

SolarMAX Displays
A proprietary Lowrance color screen technology that uniquely produces maximum visibility with the widest viewing angles even in bright sunlight. Also enhances the rendering of exceptional display detail and definition.

Select Sonar Features
  • Advanced new sonar receiver technology reduces interference and enhances sensitivity and picture quality
  • Built-in 50/200 kHz dual-frequency selectivity
  • Up to 1 kW RMS (8,000 watts peak-to-peak) transmit power for depths to 3,000 ft. (915 m) with 50 kHz*
  • High-speed Skimmer transducers feature built-in water temp sensor
  • Adjustable Ping Speed with automatic HyperScroll for high-speed sounding
  • Unique FlashGraf feature with combined digital flasher/sonar graph display
  • COLORLINE enhances target separation and helps define bottom composition
  • Multiple color sonar display modes for angler preference and light conditions
  • FasTrack vertical bar flasher shows real-time sonar returns and echo strength

Select Chartplotter Features

  • Full 12-parallel channel GPS+WAAS precision for location accuracy
  • Newly-expanded built-in background map of the continental U.S. and Hawaii with interstate exit services, plus nav aids and wrecks & obstructions and greatly enhanced marine detail
  • Compatible with optional plug-&-play Lowrance FreedomMaps, Fishing Hot Spots PRO, LakeMaster ProMaps, NauticPath Coastal & International, Navionics HotMaps, Navionics Gold and Navionics Platinum electronic charts on MMC/SD cards
  • Stores up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers, 100 routes (up to 100 waypoints/route)
  • Up to 100 retraceable plot trails, up to 10,000 points in any trail
  • 37 zoom ranges, 0.05 to 4,000 miles
  • 42 graphic icons to mark key spots
  • Arrival, Off Course, Anchor alarms
System Enhancements
  • Hyper-enhanced sonar/chartplotter data processing speed
  • Super-fast screen updates
  • Ethernet expansion port compatible for radar, video and satellite radio
  • Two full RS-232 duplex ports
  • Waterproof slots for up to two MMC/SD memory cards (not included) to record sonar graphs and GPS data files, and to plug-&-play specialty mapping options or easily load operating firmware feature upgrades
  • Unique Resize Window to adjust split-screen display, and Overlay Data feature to place any sonar/GPS data on any full- or split-screen display, anywhere, in alpha numeric digitals or analog gauge display
Safety Features
  • Internal back-up memory for key sonar settings/crucial GPS data
  • One-touch MOB (Man Overboard)
  • Completely sealed and waterproof
  • Full one-year warranty
Warranty 1 Year
Screen Size 7" Diagonal
WAAS Enabled Yes
Frequency Built-in 50/200 kHz dual-frequency selectivity
Cartography Type Lowrance FreedomMaps™, Fishing Hot Spots® PRO, LakeMaster® ProMaps, NauticPath™ USA & International and Navionics® electronic charts.
Waypoints 1,000
Max Depth Up To 3,000 Ft.*
Resolution 600V x 800H

*Actual depth capabilities depend on transducer configuration and installation, bottom composition and water conditions. All sonar units typically read deeper in fresh water than salt water. Compatible with thru-hull and shoot-thru-hull transducers sold separately.

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Lowrance LCX 27C Accessories



LCX-27C Sonar/GPS DF Combo
Includes external antenna and dual frequency transducer.


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