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Magellan RoadMate 800 (North America) Discontinued

Delivers Car Navigation, Music Player and Photo Viewer with Battery-Powered Portability

The 3.5" color touch screen shows your position with multiple views including a maneuver list. Simply select a destination and your Magellan RoadMate 800 GPS navigation system will guide you through every turn. It automatically calculates the most direct route and recalculates whenever you take a detour or make additional stops. Routing options enable you to choose the best routing option for you - shortest time, shortest distance, stay on or stay off the freeway. Customize every trip to easily avoid toll roads or exclude selected streets. SmartDetourT will automatically route around stopped freeway traffic.

With the integrated rechargeable battery you can use your Magellan RoadMate 800 even when you don't have access to power. Use it to view photos of your family and friends when you are away from home, listen to your favorite music with the built-in speaker or use the included headphones, or enter addresses and trips from wherever you are.

Built-in detailed street maps and over 6 million pre-loaded points of interest make it easy to find the nearest restaurant, gas station, ATM, airport and more. It has never been easier or more fun to get around town or take long trips to distant locations. And if traveling abroad is in your plans, this GPS system comes pre-loaded with detailed maps of 27 European countries that can be unlocked for a fee.

The advanced features of the Magellan RoadMate 800 provide easy, powerful and personalized GPS navigation, plus on-the-go multimedia:

GPS navigation is easier than ever with simple touch-screen menus, easy QuickSpellT address entry and a package of advanced, state-of-the-art features, including SmartDetour, heavy freeway traffic re-routing, TrueView 3D visual direction and more.

Rechargeable battery
The built-in li-ion rechargeable battery provides hours of digital music and picture viewing.

Digital Music Player
Magellan Music Manager Tools software enables you to easily transfer your .MP3 and .WMA files from your computer to the over 4.5GB of available internal memory. Or simply insert a Secure Digital or MMC card containing your digital files and get hours of music entertainment. Easily browse your music, create playlists and adjust the sound to your personal liking with a digital equalizer pre-set to various music types (MP3 files only).

Photo Viewer
Taking photos on the road? Here's a great way to view them on the large 3.5" full-color display. Simply view them or even transfer them onto your device's internal memory from an SD or MMC card. Transfer your favorite pictures from your PC onto your device using the Magellan RoadMate Tools application provided.

Bird's-eye view map
Touch the 3D map icon anytime to switch to a three-dimensional representation and get a bird's-eye view of the road ahead. Clearly see cross streets and your upcoming turn with the detail of a driving simulator in real time.
Turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance
Dynamic turn-by-turn voice guidance tells you when to make the next turn. The automatic map zooms in to show your highlighted turn and switches to TrueView 3D so you can confirm the direction at a glance. It zooms out again to show a distant maneuver. The automatic functions make the Magellan RoadMate family of GPS receivers an easier, more useful navigation aid than other solutions, so you never miss a turn.

Built-in maps
Detailed maps of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Canada enable you to travel the country with no need to download new data. A single seamless database built in to the hard drive contains all major city streets as well as federal, state and county roads and highways. Pre-loaded maps of 27 European* countries may also be unlocked on the device with no need to download any additional data.

Multi-destination Route Optimization
Let your Magellan RoadMate 800 guide you on an optimized trip with several destinations. Use the Trip Planner to enter addresses or select points of interest (POI) before your driving adventure. You choose the order or let Multi-destination Route Optimization calculate the quickest route between each point from your present location. Add and subtract destinations as you go, and save your Trip to repeat the same route again.
When traffic slows or stops on the freeway for more than a couple of minutes or any amount of time you set, SmartDetour will automatically calculate a detour and ask you if you'd like to route around the congestion. You can turn the feature on and off, or personalize the settings for the maximum distance you'd like to detour. You may also choose to Detour anytime by touching the enter button while you are in an active route, even on city streets and backroads, to route around road work, closed roads, flooded streets or stopped traffic.

Auto Re-route
Whenever you decide to take a detour or go off course, your Magellan RoadMate automatically calculates a new route as you drive.

Automatic night view and volume
More automatic features include night view. The displayed map background color switches to night view at sundown, and back to day view in the morning. So you always have a clear view of where you're headed. With SmartVolumeT, the volume automatically increases at speeds over 45 MPH. So voice and audio prompts are always at the right level for maximum clarity.

Complete mobility
Lightweight and completely portable, your Magellan RoadMate 800 is easily transferred from one vehicle to another, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you continue routing or listen to music or view pictures when unplugged. Its compact size and light weight enable you to easily take it with you on business trips or vacations.

Exceptional GPS accuracy and reliability
Magellan RoadMate shows your location on the map which continues to move with you as you travel. It tracks up to 12 GPS satellites simultaneously.

Over 6 million points of interest (POI)
Easy-to-use database of over 6 million pre-programmed POIs includes addresses and even phone numbers, in most cases, for businesses, services, parks, lakes, airports and more. It's simple to find the nearest restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and more, wherever you travel! A simple touch-screen menu makes it easy to choose a location by category or sub-category. So if you want to find the nearest Chinese restaurant, just touch the screen.

POI icons
Select whichever types of points of interest you would like to appear on the map and see the location of gas stations, restaurants, ATMs and more, as you drive. Touch an icon on the screen for your Magellan RoadMate 800 to route there. You'll also see the address and phone number (if available) so you can call ahead to make reservations.

4 ways to select your route
Shortest Time - an advanced algorithm calculates your route using speed limit factors.
Shortest Distance - determines your best route by shortest distance traveled.
Least Use of Freeways - calculates your route through city and side streets enabling you to stay off the highways when possible.
Most Use of Freeways - provides directions over freeways, highways and interstates.
You may also choose Avoid Toll Roads in the configuration settings to make sure your route never includes an annoying fee.

4 easy-to-use guidance screens
TrueView 3D - a detailed, enlarged view of the road layout for upcoming turns and information about intersection maneuvers.
Map View - super bright, high-resolution display screen with bold and easy-to read icons and text. Your route is clearly highlighted. Zoom in or out on a detailed map. Plus select from 9 different color combinations to personalize your view.
View maps using the traditional 2D view, or switch to the 3D bird's eye view at the touch of a button.
Maneuver List - detailed list of streets and turns. Touch a street on the list to exclude it from your route and instantly calculate a new direction.

Easily enter addresses with QuickSpell
QuickSpell intelligently sorts, searches, and checks spelling for rapid address entry with minimal keystrokes, accelerating your data entry by matching letters to the available destinations.

Address Book
Store up to 200 personal or business destinations.

Instant Locate
The touch of a button shows the information about your present location so you can easily direct emergency services and roadside assistance. Or save this location to your address book to easily route back to it later.

Easy installation
Do it yourself installation is quick and easy. Choose from a selection of mounting accessories. There is no complicated wiring required, simply plug in the power cord and you are ready to turn it on and go.

1 Detailed maps of 27 European countries.


Package Contents:
• Unit receiver with integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Quick Reference Guide,
• Manual on CD-ROM
• Tools CD-ROM containing POI, Music, and Photo Managers
• Windshield Mount w/ Cigarette lighter power adapter cable
• AC power adapter and USB data cables
• Car Holder
• Stereo Headphone
• Protective Pouch


Bird's Eye View
Magellan RoadMate 800

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