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Minelab Explorer SE Pro Metal Detector

Discontinued. No longer available.

Maximum results, for serious detectorists.

Minelab's multiple frequency Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology is the only technology in the world that provides the serious treasure hunter with both deep detection and deep precision discrimination, regardless of ground conditions and target type.

The Minelab Treasure Detector Series                                                                                   click to compare

Excalibur II Made for Coin, Relic, Jewellery, Beach & Dive detecting. Thanks to the unique design of the Excalibur II this amphibious detector has all the features you need and can be used just as effectively in or out of the water. Whether you love combing the beach or deep sea diving the Excalibur II is a must have.

Safari Made for Coin, Relic, Jewellery & Beach detecting. Minelab's Safari metal detector powered by multiple frequency technology delivers on both simplicity of use and high level performance in the field.

E-TRAC Made for Coin, Relic, Jewellery & Beach detecting. The groundbreaking E-TRAC metal detector combines the traditional features you love with the technologically advanced E-TRAC Xchange. This USB interface allows you to connect your metal detector to your home computer to store and share information along with many other benefits.

CTX 3030 Made for Coin, Relic, Jewellery & Beach detecting. The waterproof all-terrain CTX 3030 is the ultimate TREASURE detector.
Uncover history and record your find locations with integrated GPS.

Minelab’s FBS technology simultaneously transmits 28 multiple frequencies from 1.5kHz to 100kHz. The lower the frequency used by a detector, the deeper it can penetrate. At low frequencies however, the sensitivity to small targets is sometimes reduced. The higher the frequency, the higher the sensitivity to small targets, but higher frequencies will not penetrate the ground as deeply. The increased frequency range of the Explorer SE Pro means more sensitive and accurate target identification at greater depths. 

FBS technology also improves the detector's ability to cancel ground mineralisation. Ground balancing is automatic, so whatever the field conditions, the Explorer SE Pro maximises the depth, sensitivity and discrimination. 

Serious detectorists understand that every outing is a unique opportunity in time that needs to be enjoyed and maximised. Minelab's Explorer SE Pro detector will handle varying conditions with maximum results!   


  • 28 Frequency Full Band Spectrum™ (FBS) technology. 
  • New lightweight, perfectly balanced waterproof ultra-light & ultra-tough 11" Double-D coil 
  • NiMH battery pack or 8 x AA Alkaline batteries for long battery life. 
  • 3rd generation software with faster and more powerful microprocessor. 
  • Full function advanced programming. 
  • Unique dual coordinate target profiling with patented SmartfindTM. 
  • Full ferrous Iron Mask discrimination. 
  • Easy learning curve with Quickstart Mode. 
  • Intuitive user interface with large, easy to read target coordinates. 
  • Fine sensitivity, threshold and volume adjust controls.
Minelab Explorer SE Pro Specifications
Coin, Relic, Jewellery & Beach
1.5 - 100kHz
Coil (standard)
11" Double-D lightweight, waterproof.
Audio Output
Internal speaker & 6.35mm (1/4") headphone jack.
Headphones Supplied
Koss 100 ohm headphones
Visual Display
Large monochrome 71mm x 38mm (2.8" x 1.5") LCD with improved graphics and adjustable contrast.
USB Connectivity
Settings saved automatically while detecting and remain until changed or reset
Depth Indication
Depth indicator, updates in Pinpoint mode
Detect Modes
SmartfindTM & Iron Mask
SmartfindTM 2 dimensional Discrimination: Ferrous 31, Conductivity 31. 8 discrimination patterns (Coins, Fe Coins, Jewellery, Foil, Pull Tab, Crowncap, Screwcap & Nail) & 6 user slots.
Audio tone
Constant & Multi-tone; customizable for conductivity or ferrous response.
Audio Type
Long, Smooth & Pitch Hold
Ground Balance
Automatic ground compensation - advanced digital filtering
Ground Balance Type
Trash Density
Non-motion with modulated audio
Sensitivity Adjust
Semi-automatic & Manual (adjustable 1 to 32)
Tune / Noise Cancel
Manual & Automatic (11 channels)
Finer adjustment level from 0 to 40
Target Volume Adjust
Limit & Gain (1 to 10)
1600mAh NiMH or Alkaline batteries
Low battery alert
Audio alert
1100mm - 1358mm (43" - 55")
1.7kg (3.7lbs) (ex. battery).
3 years control box & coil

Minelab Warranty Policy: For all Minelab product performance issues you MUST contact Minelab directly for trouble shooting before it can be returned for servicing. When Minelab has determined that the product is defective, they will issue an RMA number. This RMA number is required in order for us to send the defective product to Minelab for servicing. Phone: 1-877-SOS-MLAB (1-877-767-6522) Email:

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Minelab Explorer SE Pro metal detector

Minelab logo


Minelab Explorer SE Pro metal detector head unit


Minelab Explorer SE Pro metal detector head side


FBS technology logo
Full Band Spectrum (FBS) 
FBS is Minelab’s patented multiple frequency metal detection technology. FBS transmits a broad range of 28 frequencies from 1.5 kHz to 100 kHz. The increased frequency range allows FBS technology to offer more accurate target identification, improved depth of detection and improved sensitivity.

SmartfindTM discrimination
Smartfind is Minelab’s unique two dimensional scale of discrimination. Smartfind graphically represents a target’s ferrous and conductive properties on the same display.



Minelab Explorer SE Pro Metal Detector
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