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Tri-Tronics Upland G3 Beeper

Discontinued. Replaced by the Garmin Beeper >>

The NEW Upland G3 Beeper is a product which is designed to help you locate your dog and/or determine if the dog is "on point" and can be part of an Upland system or a free standing product. Perfect for the bird hunter who want a convenient, inexpensive way to know where their dogs are and what they are doing.

TriTronics Upland G3 Beeper

Product Features
  • Increased Audible Range – Incorporating the latest in electronic and sound technology to make the sound carry farther and a completely new speaker design the new beeper can be heard for more than ¼ mile.  “Younger” ears can hear it even farther.
  • Instant Locate – Whether running muted or beeping, to locate their dog when hunting the hunter presses and holds the beeper control button on the Sport Upland or Upland Special (any button on other Field and Pro models when on “A”) and the beeper will make a continuous series of beeps for up to 8 seconds or until the button is released.  The beeper and receiver need to be switched on for this feature to work. 
  • Remote Operation – The beeper sound can be remotely switched on or off (for running muted) using the beeper control button on the Sport Upland or Upland Special or any button on other Field and Pro models when the dial is set on “A”.  The beeper and receiver need to be switched on for this feature to work.
  • Multiple Combinations of Hunt and Point Sounds – The new beeper allows the hunter to pick from 4 hunt sounds (including silent) and 2 point sounds (including hawk scream) for a total of 8 possible combinations.
  • Super Lightweight and Compact – The new beeper weighs only 3 ounces, with battery installed, and is considerably smaller than the old beeper.
  • Waterproof – Completely waterproof with an o-ring seal on the battery compartment.
  • One-button External Setting – All beeper settings are accomplished by using one button on the outside of the beeper.  This includes the power and setting hunt and point modes.  All changes can be made with the beeper still attached to the collar strap.
  • Simple Battery Replacement – The battery, a 3v CR123A, is simple to change by loosening one screw and removing the top cover from the beeper.
  • Enhanced Hawk Scream – The hawk scream on the beeper is a new very realistic sound that was procured from a nationally known ornithological laboratory.
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty.
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TriTronics Upland G3 beeper

Package includes:
Upland Beeper
Orange collar

User replacable CR2 lithium battery
Owner's Guide

Tri-Tronics Upland G3 Beeper

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