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December 31 , 2002
Thanks, you guys are awesome!! Happy New Year

November 16, 2002
Looking for Magellan, I have asked for information from you and you have replied immediately so I am pleased to order from you

November 15, 2002
Referred By = Return Customer!
Comments = Can't seem to find any GPS accessories around here. So, I'm back! The GPS unit got to my door in only two days and it works great! I will definitely return again when I need more accessories or for a more advanced unit in the future. Keep up the good work.

November 14, 2002
Thank you very much, I have appreciated doing business with you, it has been easy and trouble free.

November 14, 2002
Package has arrived today in good condition, thanks. Good to do business with you.

November 14, 2002
... original message sent a couple weeks ago. Since I never heard anything back I guess the answer to my question was "no", which is certainly your prerogative. However, I must say that simply ignoring, rather than responding to, an email from an existing customer is not exactly a great way to encourage referrals and new customers. Just my $0.02.
November 14, 2002
Ok thanks Jo, I never received a reply to my previous email and i was very surprise because usually GPS Central always have been very fast to reply to email. So this is why I send another email for the same issue.
[Around November 05, a computer glitch annihilated some of our incoming email. If you wrote to us around this time and haven't heard back, PLEASE write again -- your message will be received on our new, improved system!]

November 12, 2002
Really good services. I have bought mine (GPSMAP 76S) from GPS Central in the last couple of days to be shipped to my address in the UK (International) and I received the items with no delay and in excellant condition. I hope to be regular customer for any future purchease.

November 11, 2002
Referred By = Prev Order liked your service

November 06, 2002
Happy to have located you via e-mail and looking forward to receiving my husbands Christmas gift.
XXXXXXXX (Name omitted so we don't risk spoiling the surprise!)

November 06, 2002
For your info! I just ordered Garmin Metroguide Europe from you on Monday to be sent by Canada Post Rate $7.00. It arrived in my office in Moncton , New Brunswick at 9:30 AM Wednesday morning. Pretty swift. Thanks again,

November 06, 2002
Referred By = reference from friend that you were very good.

November 06, 2002
Referred By = Business associate informed

November 05, 2002
Just a quick note of thanks for the prompt reply to my email and subsequent shipment of order I placed later. I'd like to think the rest of your service is this great. Keep up the good work!

November 04, 2002
Thanks again for a great site and great service

November 01, 2002
2nd order, extremely pleased the first time, eager to do it again.

November 01, 2002
Thanks. Have in the past waited months for delivery of in stock items purchased over Internet, trust is the most fundemental requirement for any business and I am pleased that you actually have in stock what you say.

October 31, 2002
Just wanted to let you know that I received the GPS you sent me the next day you shipped it. I must say this was an amazing experience, calling a store in Calgary when most stores here were already closed (you were still open due to the time difference) and buying a GPS and getting it in my hands within 16 hours is pretty impressive. From the time I hung up, that GPS must have been in motion for the whole time. Thank you very much also for the good recommendations, and the swapping of the original cable with the combo cable. I had received recommendations from my friend for GPS Central, and you can be sure that I will be making the same recommendations to others as well... The unit worked great, and I really like the built-in compass, although it's too bad they don't have a sighting mirror like a real compass. I was amazed with the quantity of map information already in it, it had all the lakes where we went partridge hunting way up north in the La V?rendrye wildlife reserve, and that knocked my friends' and my socks off.... All in all, I am quite the satisfied customer... Just thought I'd let you know!

October 26, 2002
Referred By = the net, looking for gps info, I buy canadian if possible.

October 26, 2002
Well laid out website!

October 25, 2002
Thank you for offering this cable. Not many suppliers offer this cable from Taiwan, and your website is useful and informative.

October 24, 2002
Glad to see a simple easy to use web site, I am a pilot and keep getting lost thanks for the help

October 24, 2002
Referred By = originally, web search for gps suppliers. am now a repeat customer.

October 22, 2002
Thank you for completing the order. I have already received the items. I am very impressed with the time frame and the quality of your service. Thank you and if I am looking for anything in the future I will let you know.

October 21, 2002
Referred By = Originally through the GPS Newsgroup, but I've ordered from here a few months ago. And yes, I do refer everyone interested in GPS to your site!

October 19, 2002
Good site. Good prices.

October 19, 2002
Loved your web page - great info - other sites had similar prices but I went with you because of the info on your site - keep up the great work

October 19, 2002
Great site... glad to see we have some quality online shopping locations in CANADA!!!

October 18, 2002
thank you i recived the order in very good time will order again richard

October 17, 2002
Thanks ... You guys rock on customer service.... Great doing business with yah!

October 11, 2002
I just wanted to let you know that I ordered a GPS unit from you on Wednesday, had it shipped via Canada Post Expedited to me in Ottawa and it has already arrived [Friday morning]. Thank you in advance - I am surprised to receive it so quickly. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quick service, both from GPS Central and Canada Post.

October 10, 2002
Shopped here before, and sent a good many your way too.

October 08, 2002
You have the best "in stock" inventory on gps. Would love to see your store in person some day.

October 05, 2002
I must say... I was a little disappointed when I first came across your online store as I had just locally purchased a Magellan 315 as my "beginner" unit. Yikes! No Magellan support I thought. Well after a couple of emails and a recent purchase, I became your number 1 fan in Eastern Canada due to the "top-notch" personal treatment I got. Now with the addition of Magellan products and the excellent pages on all models with comparisons, you have outdone yourself. You have thought of everything and it is much appreciated by us end users. Hats off to your staff who have the foresight to know what people want. I know where my next GPS purchase will be from.

October 01, 2002
The wonderful Jo kindly offered me this package with a further $15 discount on the second map program. Did I get this right, Jo??? Thanks so much for your kindness and help with the order. I look forward to sending you pictures from NZ!

September 30, 2002
Good prices... even better than XXX!! Clear order form. Should offer a collect shipping option rather than just tacking shipping costs to invoice.

September 28, 2002

September 27, 2002
Great website: Lots of useful information.

September 27, 2002
My last dealings with your firm were excellent.

September 23, 2002
Referred By = Search and Rescue managers meeting for the Kooteny region of BC Someone had your card and said how good you were to the search and rescue group they were from.
Comments = Had a e-mail back in 10 min. Thats service.

September 23, 2002
My sister bought a gps off you guys for my father last year! Excellent website..also phoned your 1-800 line and got very good service. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.

September 20, 2002
I recently purchased eTrex Vista and several accessories, since then I have contacted you via phone three time for various reasons (mostly my own stupidity). In all cases I was treated with super friendly and extremely helpful responses. These day we are quick to criticize but seldom give praise. I just want you to know I appreciate you service and as a result have passes your name on to several of my friends. Keep up the excellent work

September 20, 2002
received order extremely pleased with product and service.

September 11, 2002
I have in the last two years purchased a Vista and GPSmap 76S as well as software and accessories. I was in your store last month for the first time and purchased some more software from the nice helpful sales person that I had talked to several times prior to on the phone. Thank You GPS Central you provide an excellent service.

September 09, 2002
Thank you very much for the speedy processing and delivery of my unit. It arrived on Thursday, after you received the order over the long weekend. I'll definately be recommending you to friends that are looking for GPS units and accessories.

September 04, 2002
Referred By = I performed a search for GPS suppliers. You were the first Canadian store I found. Comments = Your website was clear and easy to use. Thank you.

September 04, 2002
Great service thanks a million

September 04, 2002
Thank you for your diligence

September 03, 2002
Thanks a lot -- Your shipping department is faster than email. I received the unit this afternoon and everything is perfect !!! I will surely return to your store for GPS and geocaching items in the near future. Thanks again for your excellent fulfillment speed

September 02, 2002
Thank you VERY MUCH for the confirmation of the refund of my postage charges for returning the faulty Garmin 160 Blue. For me, this confirms my appreciation of the quality of your service. I will not hesitate to highly recommend you and your business to other friends and family. Who knows where it might lead!

September 02, 2002
Referred By = Fellow hunter who knew I was looking for a GPS

September 01, 2002
We have ordered from you before and found your service excellent.

August 29, 2002
I am very impressed, I have received my package in less than two days. If I have anything else I want to buy for my GPS, you are sure that you will have my business.

August 28, 2002
I bought from GPS Central ( The GPSMAP76S was $CA610 (no PST because store located in Calgary and I live in Ontario). The Bluechart was $CA180, but Garmin will be rebating me $US50, with a promotion that ended a month or so ago. Delivery was almost the next day by ExpressPost and their service was excellent. I may of had the advantage of time zone difference (phoning East to West) but they answer the phones quite late at night and were very helpful. When I had problems with the first unit they shipped me, they contacted Garmin within a day and had a replacement on my doorstep the next day, before I had time to return the bad unit. They also gave me excellent support when I ran into a program glitch trying to unlock the maps.
Warren [ alt.satellite.gps]

August 26, 2002
Just did a gps search on the net for the area of calgary and you guys look the best!

August 25, 2002
Ordered a GPS last week on Monday and I got it Tuesday - great service !!!!!

August 24, 2002
Referred By = I have previously ordered from GPSCentral.
Comments = Service is great and quick. Shop Canadian!

August 22, 2002
In my brief dealing with your company (2 emails), I am totally impressed with this company and its "personality". Don't ever lose it.

August 21, 2002
I really enjoyed your website!

August 21, 2002
Excellent products at reasonable prices, in CANADIAN dollars! Finally!

August 20, 2002
One of the best business web sites I've ever seen! Excellent online shopping and information!!!

August 19, 2002
Nice to find a company that cares, really appreciate it.

August 17 2002
Loyal Returning customer

August 16, 2002
I am very satisfied with the quality of post-sales service provided by GPS Central.

August 16, 2002
Good site with helpful information on making a decision on what GPS would suite your needs. Much better than the competition. Feels like dealing with people not a machine.

August 14, 2002
I'll make sure everyone I know who is interested in a GPS knows about GPS Central and the great service you provide.

August 12, 2002
Thanks so much - excellent customer service at GPSCentral!!

August 06, 2002
Thanks for your great service.. I never seen any company who really listen to their customers. Thank You very much.. Keep up the good work..

August 03, 2002
Excellent site. glad to have the canadian service!

July 26, 2002
Thanks again for your informed and very prompt service.

July 24, 2002
Referred By = My buddy ordered a Garmin GPS V from you and the shipping was awesome.
Comments = Nice site btw, easy to navigate and find what you are looking for quickly.
John M

July 23, 2002
You have a great web-site - lots of info and easy to navigate

July 23, 2002
As always, impressed with the service (including after sales) of gps central. I will continue to recommend you to any and all prospective clients.

July 21, 2002
Thank you very much, for your usual, exceptionally good service.

July 20, 2002
Referred By = Your reputation of fast and accurate service precedes you.
Comments = Don't let me down. I need these items yesterday.

July 17, 2002
Stan recently told me about a new GPS store in Calgary. Their name is G.P.S. Central, check out their web site at The president is Ian Hansen and is a fixed wing pilot, so he has a very good understanding of what we need and really knows gps units. I have just bought a new Garmin MAP76S from them and they are priced very comparatively against any so called lo cost supplier on the internet as well as better priced than anyone in Calgary. [We were sent us a copy of this message Jamie sent to his ballooning associates -- thanks Jamie!]

July 14, 2002
You are quite welcome and I am very pleased with my GPSMAP 76S ... it is definitely the right unit for my needs. Mix-ups happen sometimes, but the manner in which it was dealt with was first rate! I will be happy to recommend your firm to anyone that I talk to about my new GPS, or anyone else looking for similar electronic equipment. [We inadvertently sent a GPSMAP 76 instead of a GPSMAP 76S when we first filled Nick's order]

July 12, 2002
Garmin International recommended your establishment when I ws talking to them earlier this afternoon.

July 10, 2002
Thanks! You've been really helpful and I'm sure this won't be my last purchase from you guys!

July 08, 2002
You've certainly earned my respect and confidence as a retailer. I couldn't have gotten better service if I lived next door to your shop. I was very impressed with your ability to quickly contact Garmin and get their opinion on my problem and completely stunned that I received a replacement unit before the I had returned the defective one. Outstanding service! Thank you very much for all your help.

June 29, 2002
Everything arrived just in time. You guys(& gals) are the best. Thank you!

June 27, 2002
I remember you wanted to know about the BlueChart card, and how accurate it was... well, it is very accurate, it is based on all the paper charts data, with very much accuracy, and works very well with the plotter. It is a complete joy to use... not to mention such ease of use, an makes navigating a breeze!

June 21, 2002
Greetings: And thank you for your service. All arrived intact today. You people really deliver (pun not really intentional but it's apt).

June 14, 2002
Referred By = Through a recommendation in the GPS newsgroup.

June 07, 2002
Thanks for the speedy service. My etrex legend and mount showed up ahead of schedule and for exactly what you quoted me.

June 06, 2002
I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and prompt responses to my inquiries. I received the GPS V yesterday and I'm looking forward to using it this weekend at the cottage. Keep up the good work!

June 06, 2002
Thanks for the great service I look forward to working with you in the future.

June 05, 2002
Referred By = Found via, looking for a decent Canadian GPS store with online sales.

June 04, 2002
Thanks for your help. I appreciate your patience in answering all my questions and figuring out the best package for my needs. I look forward to receiving the shipment. Also, I will send a picture for your Online Gallery when I have everything installed (if you don't mind showing a Touratech BMW motorcycle mount).

June 03, 2002
Referred By = Fellow ATV'er told me this is where he bought his.

June 02, 2002
LOL, wow, talk about customer service. Tuesday sounds great. You guys rock! :p

June 01, 2002
Referred By = Refererd to by many friends who have bought stuff here!

May 30, 2002
Your site was obviously much cheaper and quite reputable. So I decided to buy from you! Very convenient!!

May 29, 2002
What is going on over there, I ordered 3 handle bar attachments and I only received 1. It even says 3 on the email you sent back to me. My friend told me that you guys were prompt and efficient but I am beginning to believe different.

May 29, 2002

May 29, 2002
Referred By = Friend who has ordered from you recommended your site.

May 28, 2002
Thanks once again for your extraordinary service!

May 28, 2002
Do you have any idea how much I appreciate your service? Best in the business! I hope your boss appreciates you too. Tell him I think you should get a nice big raise!!!!

May 27, 2002
I want to commend your company for friendly and prompt service. You will certainly be high on my list when I purchase more GPS and related gear.

May 26, 2002
Referred By = Re-peat customer.. Great dealing with you again.....

May 26, 2002
Referred By = I have ordered form you last year and received prompt and efficient service...

May 24, 2002
Referred By = Best price on internet. Good sales support.

May 24, 2002
Referred By = Garmin - called the Co. with frustration on not being able to find PC cable and they would not sell to Cdns. direct -the help line gave me this E-mail address. So pleased there is a supplier in Alberta. None of the authorized dealers in Medicine Hat knew about your web site (Wal Mart, Cdn Tire, Radio Shack or London Drugs)

May 22, 2002
Order number 2628-2688 should have been delivered last Thursday. I still have not received anything and I paid 24$ to ship it next day. [Priority Courier shipping is NOT RECOMMENDED for destinations other than those mentioned in Canada Post's Priority Courier "On-time Guarentee" Destinations]

May 22, 2002
Referred By = Long time customer. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!

May 21, 2002
Thanks for your answer and your willing co?peration. Thanks again for everything ! Whenever you come to Belgium, be my guest!

May 20, 2002
Again thanks for your prompt efficient service

May 20, 2002
Just wanted to thank you for your quick service in getting the new Canadian Bluechart "Inside Passage" to me. I was very impressed with your degree of customer service and have told others.

May 17, 2002
Referred By = Collegue in Jeep Club

May 17, 2002
I bought my GPS V from your company some months ago and was VERY pleased with the support you provided to me in making the right selection. This is why I am writing to you again.

May 16, 2002
Someone in the office mentioned your company.

May 14, 2002
Kudos to you! Great service! Not only did you answer an email request for information quickly, but you also processed the order so quickly that it arrived this morning (I ordered last night). I have to say that, quite seriously, GPS Central is easily the best online store in Canada. You have one happy and loyal customer who is going to recommend you to all his gadget

May 14, 2002
Best site I found for info on the net. Well done

May 14, 2002
You have a very good cross reference system. Very helpful in making my decision.

May 13, 2002
Referred By = Friend who just bought a Garman GPSMap 76 from you. Great prices guys! It's great to buy Canadian!

May 11, 2002
With the good service quality and speedy response I got from a previous command, I now come here for my GPS needs.

May 10, 2002
I'm sorry for my english!!! Is there someone in your office who can speak french???!!!
[Yes, Ian speaks French, but he is not in the office every day. Call and ask to speak with him or send email to]

May 07, 2002
Nice to see a Canadian vendor of GPS! I have bookmarked your site.

May 04, 2002
Referred By = From a buddy

May 03, 2002
I just receive my order, 2 days delivery "wow" Thank you, your service and prices are exceptional.

May 03, 2002
Referred by B C Snowmobile Federation

May 02, 2002
Excellent job done on your Web site. You have plenty of useful information in excess of the standard price/product list that many on-line retailers offer.

May 01, 2002
This is only to thank you very much for your concern. I will not hesitate to tell everyone I know about your excellent service and the super way you conduct business, particularly over Internet.

May 01, 2002
Found you online. Great service!

April 29, 2002
They call this Service with a capital S! Thanks for the very-quick delivery.

April 26, 2002
I just wanted to say thanks, for the excellent service, for matching prices, and for the "free" shipping of my order (a bonus I was not expecting). Count me in as a "very satisfied customer", who was proud to buy Canadian.

April 26, 2002
Well thank you very much Jo. I may very well do that. [We had sent Stephen the wrong-sized geocaching shirt and suggested that instead of returning it to us in he could put it in a cache sometime and we'd send a replacement a.s.a.p]  I have been passing along the name of your company to everyone I know and I think you may start getting a few orders.

April 26, 2002
Great , thanks for your speedy service!

April 26, 2002
I note with regret that you do not ship orders internationally. However, you do state "at present", do you envisage providing an international facility in the near future? [We're working on it!]

April 25, 2002
You have a very nice web site with a good range of products and very good prices. I would like to place an order but unfortunately you don't ship to the U.S. I hope you would consider shipping to the U.S. in the near future. [We're working on this too!]

April 25, 2002
Fantastic. Thanks for all your help.
Mark A

April 22, 2002
Thanks for the quick responce to my interest in G-chart cartridges. Your e-mail to me was a great help.
Mark M

April 20, 2002
Holy Cow man! That was a 10 minute turn around time on the reply! You guys are great! Thanks for the reply and attempt to help, I appreciate it..

April 19, 2002
I thank you again for your quick and helpful response....

April 16, 2002
Thanks for your quick response. Much appreciated.

April 15, 2002
Thanks for your help, I really appreciate. Hope we'll be able to do some business someday. [Olivier had contacted us wanting to know if we could supply a GARMIN GPS with an Atlantic basemap. Unfortunately, will not supply Atlantic basemap versions to dealers in North America.]

April 10, 2002
Glad I found you folks, your pre-sales service has been great, prices are excellent, the fast delivery is great...

April 10, 2002
Thanks very much for the great service and will look forward to dealing with you again.

April 8, 2002
Your service has been great. Your price is right and you have a great webpage which is easy to navigate and very informative. Also your after sales follow up has been amazing - not only an email but a phone call as well. I'm a member of WYC and I will certainly recommend you guys to any members who are looking for a GPS.

April 3, 2002
Gooday i just want to thank your staff for there quick and great service just received my order this morning 4 3 02 at 10:30 am montreal time not bad since i ordered it on march 29 02 and since you did not seem open on good friday but a very nice woman with the english accent [NZ, to be exact :-) Jo] took my order anyway
again thanks from lawrence in mtl que
ps very happy with the garmin windshield mount again thanks

April 2, 2002
Thanks. It is nice to deal in Canada!

March 28, 2002
Thanks for all your help, look forward to doing more business with you folks.

March 28, 2002
Many, many thanks. You guys are great to do business with!

March 27, 2002
The detailed information you provide about your products is greatly appreciated. It is wonderful having a professional source tailored to Canadians. Keep up the fantastic job.

March 27, 2002
To everyone at GPS Central. Thank you very much for the prompt and helpful service and delivery of my new etrex gps.

March 27, 2002
I received the Venture today. Thank you for the excellent service. I am going to mention the exceptional service in our fishing club newsletter which might bring you some business. Thanks again.

March 24, 2002
I must say that you offer a very good service and a lot of my friends liked it very much. You will surely receive some new orders for a gpsmap 76 in the next future. They all like the product and the service of course. So thanks for all and have a good day.

March 21, 2002
Thanks for that really quick reply. I will most certainly drop in when I'm in Calgary

March 16, 2002
Excellent service. Thanx very much.

March 16, 2002
We have received the items this week in good condition and we are very satisfied with them. We won't hesitate to recommend you for prompt and accurate service.
N. G.

March 07, 2002
The high quality of your web site was one of the things that persuaded me to buy from you. Well done! Your web site made the sale!

March 05, 2002
You guys are great, very helpful, great service.....

March 04, 2002
I've been looking all over, and you guys have the best! Thank You!

March 04, 2002
Thanks for the super service!

February 28, 2002
Thank you for taking care of me.

February 26, 2002
I had just started looking for a GPS unit for hiking and tracked to your site via Garmin Vendor references. Your site is great, well laid out, fast, and a bounty of information. I am only depressed by the lack of "Canadian Content" for Maps (eg Calgary) but a Vista/Legend for hiking looks nice. Nice to see you in Calgary, that makes my life easy.

February 26, 2002
Really appreciate your help. By the way that last order I placed with you for the dash mount at 2 PM was here the next morning at 11:20 AM. What has happened to Canada Post?

February 26, 2002
I am once again in awe of how quickly you answer my silly questions and help me out. I cannot remember when I dealt with a more flexible, friendly, fair and just doggone nice company.
February 25, 2002
It is so nice to deal with a a company (well, a person inside a company, actually) who understands and works with a client as well as you do. Thanks again for providing matchless customer advice, service and satisfaction. Use my name for testimonials all you like, if you want to. You guys have my vote.
Paul K

February 22, 2002
Thanks... Your customer service is excellent...
Paul M

February 19, 2002
I look forward to shopping at GPS Central again and will certainly let others know of your store. Thanks again for the prompt reply to my questions. Take care!

February 15, 2002
Thank you for the prompt filling of my order. It was most impressive. I have already recommended you to others who will be contacting you soon.

February 15, 2002
I am recommending you to my friends and business associates whenever they start drooling over my various 'gadgets' ; >}

February 14, 2002
Thanks for your prompt reply. I will recommend you in the future,

February 13, 2002
Just letting you know I received my copy of Vancouver/Okanagan Cat 1002 just what I wanted look forward to doing more business with your company

February 12, 2002
Thanks as ever for your speedy reply. I've surfed all over looking for these things and you are true to your price match policy. That's just another thing (of the many) that I like about you guys and why I will continue to deal with you.

February 08, 2002
You score 100% on both sites. I'm impressed with your service.

February 07, 2002
Thanks millions times

February 06, 2002
You folks offer an incredible service. I directed my mother to you before Christmas and she bought my new GPS 76 from you.

February 05, 2002
Thank you very, very much. The difference between merely a good and a really great company is service like this.

February 02, 2002
Love dealing with you folks. Happy happy happy. One suggestion how about posting a pic of the staff there, would be nice to see with whom I am so happy with.

February 01, 2002
I've recommended GPSCentral to several friends since purchasing my Legend from you a while ago.

January 31, 2002

January 30, 2002
Just to let you know it arrived this morning. What fantastic service.

January 29, 2002
Garmin Technical Support referred me to you

January 19, 2002
Thanks for the quick response. I certainly will recommend your company to my friends and associates.

January 16, 2002
Thanks so much for your help and shipping arrangements. It is nice to do business with people who know what they are doing and how to get things done! If we get up in your country this summer we will try and stop in - you should be easy to find now that I have a good portable GPS.

January 09, 2002
I would like to express how impressed I continue to be with your customer service, for the following reasons: Promptness: my order was processed (as usual) extremely promptly. Total time from sending the unit from Ottawa to Calgary, and getting the new unit back to me : 5 business days. Friendliness: clear, courteous, not ever adversarial, and, most of all, always willing to bend over backward to accommodate a customer. This is *rare*. Case in point - this whole unit exchange process. Low prices (icing on the cake) Good, solid, professional on-line presence with proper on-line ordering capabilities.

January 09, 2002
Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks !! Wasn't sure about what mount I needed for my Legend so I called your 1-800 number.... Your staff was very helpful and pointed me in the direction of a ram mount (suggested for snowmobiling) The mount surpassed my expectations....I'm very pleased with it !

January 05, 2002
You Gal I spoke to was very friendly and was happy to help answer my questions. I bought from you because of her.

January 03, 2002
Just a note to let you folks know that I have been very impressed with your business so far. The eTrex Legend I purchased online on Dec 26, 2001 was delivered to my door by Dec 28, 2001. The unit works very well and has already surpassed my expectations about its usability. I will not hesitate to refer friends and colleagues to your website and will certainly consider you if I need to purchase additional equipment. Thanks again,
Dr B

December 29, 2001
It was easy to recommend you because we were very satisfied when we bought the GPS equipment. I feel the prompt service is important as well as good pricing. Happy New Year ... and all the best.

December 27, 2001
Thanks for the Great service and I will not hesitate to deal with you in the future. .

December 25, 2001
To GARMIN: I just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with your product, the E-map that I purchased a few months ago. Yesterday we gave my 78 year old father a GPS 176C and he loves it. I don't think we will be seeing him for some time as he will be on the road so much playing with it! I also want to mention and the amazing service I have received from the whole staff since getting into this activity. The service is second to none and they are always there when I need them to answer whatever question I may have about operating the unit, purchasing maps or other accessories. I have been recommending your product and their service to everyone I speak to about this.

December 25, 2001
received shipment yesterday. wonderful service. i will not hesitate to recommend you to others.
Kevin M

December 18, 2001
I just wanted to thank you guys for staying open late on a Friday evening so that I could pick up my new GPS V personally. Not only did you do that but you stayed on and helped me download maps etc.
TO POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: You will not find better prices or better service anywhere!!
Kevin F

December 17, 2001
This is to thank you for all the help in setting up my StreetPilot III. It was a pleasure dealing with you. The unit arrived next day from Alberta to Nova Scotia. What a service!
Dr. V.

December 14, 2001
Thank you VERY much!! it's a little late in the season to be ordering a unit now, but I will certainly be back in touch once the lakes become a bit more fluid (actually, we STILL don't have ice here this year - weird!). I truly look forward to doing business with you in the new year. Merry Christmas and all that.

December 3, 2001
Just a quick note to say thank you, for the fantastic service (and price!) on my new Garmin Etrex Legend. I just received the unit this afternoon, after placing my order online at midnight last night. Now, that's performance! And the Legend is just great. It is smaller and more feature-packed than I first thought. What a great surprise in this day and age of advertisers typically sticking it to us, the consumers. Thanks, again. I will be back online soon to pick up some accessories.

November 13, 2001
Everything is here. Nice doing business with you. I've bought quite a lot online and should say you are one of the best online stores I've used.

October 31, 2001
Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and prompt responses. It has been a pleasure dealing with you at GPS Central. Our future GPS equipment needs will definitely be dealt with through here! Thank you so much!

October 29, 2001
Thanks for your excellent customer service. I really appreciate it. I'll definitely refer people your way.

October 25, 2001
i would also like to thank you for the excellent service i have had using your company and i will recommend it to my many fellow bikers who do off road and require a gps.

October 17, 2001
Not sure if you remember me, but thought I'd send along a note of thanks. I arranged with you and Ian to come give a demo of the Vista and Legend and Emap to us at our company back in May. Soon after that, I purchased a Vista from you, and one of my co-workers bought one as well. I thought that I'd give you a little update. Since receiving so much help from GPSCentral with programs and accessories, my experience with the Vista has been nothing short of amazing. As an avid hunter and sportsman, I thought that I had a pretty good sense of direction. But after hunting in a totally different area of Alberta, and being stuck out in the wilderness until after dark one night, the Vista brought me straight back to camp, and prevented an unwanted, cold, sleepless night in the woods. Thanks so much for everything, and keep up the great work. It's nice to see that someone still believes that the customer comes first.

September 17, 2001
Wow! What service from you and Canada Post. I received the shipment this morning (Monday).
John [John's shipment was sent on Friday by Expedited Parcel service to Toronto]

September 16, 2001
By the way, I am very pleased with my dealings with GPS Central, and your active presence in the newsgroup is a real plus! I won't hesitate to highly recommend GPS Central to all my friends and associates.
Wayne S
September 16, 2001
Thanks a lot for your help. Dealing with GPS Central just gets better and better!
Wayne S

September 8, 2001
Thanks! You are REALLY good! You guys deserve to get rich! I will do my part to help!

September 7, 2001
Thanks for your feedback. The replacement unit is working well & I really appreciate your great customer service that you have provided! It has been a very positive experience dealing with GPS Central & yourself.
Wayne E

September 5, 2001
I have recently purchased an eTrex Legend w/MapSource from your store. I received my new GPS within 2 days (Cornwall, Ont.) and everything was perfect! Your prices are the lowest I've ever seen, and your selection of GPS and accessories is unbeatable. I will soon be placing an order for accesories for my eTrex and will be back to your site for any future needs. I've recommended your site to 3 people who plan on purchasing in the near future.
Very satisfied customer, John

August 25, 2001
Thanks! Great service as usual!

August 15, 2001
Last Tuesday my wife thought she had just bought me a very expensive toy [GPSMAP 76]. She was somewhat amazed at the way it could track, but it wasn't until our trip on Friday that things changed. She started slowly, but by the time we had reached Conrad, MT she was marking waypoints, changing the setup, etc. The next day, we lost our way in Casper (they only signpost two-digit highways in town) so she zoomed in, found where we were and guided me to the right highway. An hour later our State Highway became a dirt track (still on the map, though). Suddenly, she saw the marker was no longer on the marked highway. We turned and found we had missed an unmarked 300 degree right turn (an unmapped track continued the Highway). So that saved us an enormous amount of lost time. Who knows when we would have realized we were not on the right road? Then she found we could find the elevations at various points on our land and she's really happy now. With the detailed uploads from the CD ROM there is no need to operate the laptop in the car. I think I sold three people on the idea of getting one. Thanks for your advice.

August 10, 2001
Once again thank you for the great service. I have found the blue charts for this unit [GPSMAP 176C] to be an accurate reproduction of the charts for the south shores of Lake Huron. All reefs in my boating area are where they are supposed to be!!! This is crucial as the shores are literally studded with reefs. It has turned out to be almost too useful as I become to rely on it.

August 9, 2001
Many thanks, you got my vote for any future business. I'll spread the word around Ottawa also.

July 25, 2001
Both the 12XL and the cable have arrived safely. I'm still playing with them will let you know how things turn out. Thanks for all your help. GPS Central has great service and your turnaround time was great too!
Best Wishes, Hussein

July 19, 2001
Excellent, friendly, reliable customer service is the name of the game, and that name is GPS Central. I tell everyone looking for a GPS unit or accessories to try you guys first. A VERY satisfied customer!
July 20, 2001
You mentioned the other day that it's funny I had such high praise for your company when you mixed up my order. I think the reason being is that you didn't lie about it and took responsibility for the mistake. So many places now just try to blame the consumer and don't care about customer service. It's very rare and I hope you never lose that part of the integrity which is so appealing to your clients.
Steve [We had sent Steve the wrong MapSource CD, but quickly sent the correct one to him -- he ended up buying the other one at a discount as well.]

July 13, 2001
I would like to express my thanks to yourself and GPS Central for the excellent service you have provided. I am extremely impressed with your client service practices, the company return policy and the time frames in receiving both the original and replacement GPS units. I will definitely recommend your company to all I encounter who are interested in purchasing GPS units.
Yours truly, Ken [Thank you, Ken, for the appreciative message you also sent to GARMIN]

June 29, 2001
That was just a test! You passed with flying colors. You could have sent me back a long list of goodies. You are obviously a nice, honorable and upstanding individual - probably why people like to deal with you. I hope you sell millions and MILLIONS of units!
Fred [who had sent email asking if we could think of any other accessories he might need]

June 27, 2001
Hi, I ordered an eTrex car mount yesterday morning by phone. The package already arrived! Thank you for your quick shipping and tremendous help over the phone! You can be sure I will order from GPSCentral again!
Sincerely, Daniel

June 20, 2001
I received my order on Monday, June 18th, exactly two business days after placing it. Both the merchandise and your service have proved very satisfactory. In the future, I will definitely recommend your company to others. Keep up the good work!

June 18, 2001
I have been very impressed with your level of service and support, by word of mouth. "A" who sits nearby purchased a Etrex Summit (then Vista), and mentioned where, then "M" picked up a Colour Streetpilot. Both these guys sit near me at work and I was convinced of your commitment to service. When I was about to order I spotted Freds Emap ( another great service; Thanks!). Most of my usage is probably outdoor, so I will probably resell the Emap and get an etrex model at some point. I will definitely purchase from you.

June 14, 2001
Thanks for the extra investigation on using City Nav maps on the Vista. You REALLY know what customer service is! This is a REALLY big differentiator regardless of the product you are selling. Most people just don't seem to care.

June 14, 2001
Just to let you know for the record, that I am and was VERY satisfied with your service as a company and as a person (dealing with Jo :)). I try to persuade people to buy from you guys since I know the service is excellent and prices are difficult to match. GPS Legend which I got from you, come in a PERFECT condition and now gives me a lot of fun. Just an idea for you guys: it will be nice if you can come up with some sort of sticker so I can stick it on my GPS and proudly show from whom I bought my receiver. I wouldn't mind to have baseball cap or T-shirt if you plan those things in a future.

May 22, 2001
Bonjour Ian, je te f?licite car ton fran?ais est tr?s bien, continue comme cela et tu vas devenir meilleur que moi. Merci beaucoup et peut-?tre qu'on aura l'occasion de faire d'autre achat chez-vous.
André [Many French-speaking customers appreciate Ian's email and phone conversations with them in their preferred language]

April 30, 2001
Thank you very much for the time you've spent trying to solve this little problem. Your sales support is excellent and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a GPS.
Jim [Jim had received a Legend that refused to display the correct date]

April 24, 2001
Upon trying to contact you via email [at our old email address which no longer reaches us], I received no responses to several emails. When I finally called the 1-800 number, the wonderful lady on the phone was very apologetic, and explained the situation to me (now You should thank her, since she calmed me down, and restored my faith in customer service.

April 03, 2001
If it's NOT too late, could you make my order the bundle with the CDN Mapsource map CD, for another $125
April 03, 2001
Your Vista was shipped today, but if you like we can send you a MapSource Canada CD for $125.

April 04, 2001
Actually , given the bundle pricing of $599, I think I should be able to talk you into $120 for the CD, but please do send ASAP. XPressPost please !! Many, many thanks, your customer service is awesome!!
April 04.2001
Oops, of course the bundle price for the MapSource Canada CD with the Vista should be $120. The CD will be on its way to you today.

April 13, 2001
While I received the Vista GPS shortly after my last e-mail, I have yet to see hide nor hair of the CDN Map CD ... I am assuming it went out, as scheduled per your e-mail!!
April 13, 2001
So much for awesome customer service! I totally messed up on this one and it wasn't sent out :-( However, the order has now been processed and packed and will leave Calgary by Xpresspost as soon as CPC allows. We won't charge you anything for shipping since we didn't deliver on time and I've taken an extra $5 off the price of the CD (now $115.00) as a token of apology for my oversight.

April 14, 2001
Thanks for the update! I disagree though ... it's still awesome service! We all forget things ocassionally, or make mistakes, but the difference is what we do about it! You realized the problem, and acted to correct it ASAP, without any excuses! A little story for you about bad customer service... [...] You can imagine what I think of them now!! I think Mr J, XXX dealer, should look at your example!

April 18, 2001
Its good to know about your great customer service, so I know where to order when I return to North America next year!

April 7, 2001
Thanks for all the help and understanding,hope to talk to you in the future and perhaps meet you when I move out there in the fall.

April 5, 2001
Hi there - if you could pass on my email address to this contact in Ireland and say if they feel comfortable talking with me, I'd love to find our a little more about how I can take the topo maps and more detail about the Irish grid.
[We passed on the email address as requested, he received the info he wanted, and we received the following:]
April 5, 2001
Wow - thanks *SO* much! This is fantastic - never would I have though you guys would have been so helpful. Much appreciated.
April 5, 2001
That's great. And I'm glad I could help Nick. Definitely go ahead and send it. I really appreciate your special attention once again!!
Rob [In Ireland]

March 30, 2001
CommentType: Praise ......Topic: Customer Service ...Comments: Delivery was on time, goods in fine shape. Spent last evening getting used to emap. Loaded cdrom maps and was delighted with the level of detail. Thanks for making this purchase so easy.

March 22, 2001
CommentType: Praise ......Topic: Customer Service ...Comments: Hi I received my Etrex Legend Tuesday afternoon less than 24hr. after ordering it from you. Thankyou very much for your fast and friendly service.

March 13, 2001
I just wanted to drop a note and mention that I received my Garmin's yesterday, and they work great. Thanks very much for your excellent service and price. I will certainly recommend you to my friends!

March 2, 2001
Thanks for the fast reply! :) i'm impressed!! never seen anyone so dedicated to their business that they are up this late answering! if there's anywhere to praise please do let me know :)

February 28, 2001
I just received the shipment of the carry case and handlebar mount this morning. Now that is faaaaaaaaaaast. I shipped you back the Garmin handlebar mount (won't be nearly as fast as yours) this morning so you should receive it in a day or so. thank-you for the excellent service.

January 31, 2001
I received my GPS this morning via Purolator and felt the need to thank you for the extra service. If you need a testimonial, just let me know.

January 20, 2001
I received the unit last night (Friday). Thank you very much for your prompt service on this. Don't worry about the mistake, we all make mistakes. When I deal with someone who makes mistakes at I know I am dealing with someone who is human, and makes mistakes just like me. (Of course there are always those poeple who make mistakes but are convinced they don't, those are the ones that fool you by walking upright!) Super recovery Jo, and Great Service, and I intend to deal with you again.
Michael [We goofed and sent Michael's special order to someone else with exactly the same name, but were able to get another item to him from Garmin within just a few days.]

January 12, 2001
Thank you. It is sure pleasant to deal with an excellent outfit.

December 22, 2000
If you haven't left for BC yet, would you be able to bring a Data Cable for the 12XL?
John, BC
December 24, 2000
We enjoyed meeting you very much. Our only regret was that you had to leave so soon. Thank "you" for taking the time out from your busy and short visit to BC to ensure customer satisfaction. You have no idea of how much that was appreciated!
John, BC
April 18, 2001
I'm still interested in doing some free advertising for you. Your prices are very competitive and, your sales/service/tech. support is extremely friendly and knowledgeable!
John, BC

December 9, 2000
CommentType: Praise ......Topic: Web Site ...Comments: I lied, this is not praise at all: You guys are not using a secure web site to complete credit card transactions!!! Anyone who would buy from you must be an absolute IDIOT. Also, your 800 number connects to some doctors office? Doesn't really give the customer any reason to believe that your not just a scam. Build a proper e-commerce site and show your customers that you are a reputable business!!!! Disgusted, e-commerce knowledged .......Name: You have my IP address... figure it out yourself.
[This message was sent before we accepted online credit card transactions since we didn't have a secure site (the sender was unaware of this) and alerted us to the fact that our 1-800 number was displayed incorrectly on one page.]
December 9, 2000
CommentType: Praise ......Topic: Customer Service ...Comments: Dear Jo. I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and to appologize again for my previously sent messages. The small number of e-commerce sites (and any other business for that matter) that do respond to their customers do not, in any way, compare to the level of customer service that you provide. You have astounded me with your high level of professionalism, knowledge and courtesy (and patience). You are such an asset to your company and I must ask that you foward this to your management so that they fully realize how fortunate they are to have an employee such as yourself. I thank you so very much and I am looking foward to speaking to you again next week.

December 9, 2000
You score 10 out of 10 for Customer service!

December 6, 2000
CommentType: Praise ......Topic: Customer Service ...
Once again, you folks have astounded me! Our supply depot just called me to advise that the e-map and accessories I had ordered were here already. Well done! I had thought earlier this morning that I should have included a separate order of a case for my own emap, and had it included in the package delivery. I guess I should have been as quick with my dialing finger as I should have known you would be with your delivery. Thanks again for the great service.

December 1, 2000
My communications with "Jo" were a big factor in my decision to purchase an eTrex GPS from your company. I thank Jo, and I thank you, for making this kind of direct customer service, even before a purchase, so informative and pleasant.

November 11, 2000
I have just received the GPS, thank you for your prompt attention, and for making this a very pleasant experience..(buying online), I shall recommend you to anyone I come into contact with looking for any GPS equiupment.

October 4, 2000
I wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for what, in these times, is extraordinary service! When I contacted you about a mount for my e-map, you were not only willing to supply one, you were more than accomodating in actually delivering it to my home! To say that I'm astounded is an understatement. With that kind of service, I will never be dealing with anyone else on GPS products again! Once again, thank you. I am VERY impressed!

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