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Visit Photo Gallery!
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Dec 29 , 2003
It is sure nice to see a good quality CANADIAN site like yours

Dec 27, 2003
Hey, it looks like this company ripped off your Garmin product comparison table: ... Just a friendly FYI from a happy GPS Central customer.

Dec 27, 2003
I stumbled accross your website and was totally taken back by the information that you provide. I am returning a Christmas present (ETex Legend) that I received and will purchase probably a GPSV from you folks. And to boot you are Canadian. Good Job! Eh!

Dec 24, 2003
I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service. We placed an order on Sunday evening and it was delivered on Tuesday morning. Your prices also beat anything we could find locally. I will definitely recommend GPS Central to others

Dec 18, 2003
Referred By = found on the internet
Comments = called your store. thank you for the help your staff was very friendly.

Dec 18, 2003
Thanks for your excellent service, will try to send some business your way

Dec 17, 2003
First CLASS service. I will always deal with you

Dec 16, 2003
Thank you for helping me with my purchase of a 76S last week. You made it fun! and that's exactly what I have been having with the unit. Thanks again for making my GPS purchasing experience an enjoyable one.

Dec 16, 2003
Thank you for all of your help... the IQue units are great and your service has been excellent. We will be sure to recommend you to all of our customers

Dec 15, 2003
Visited your store in the summer as a visitor to Calgary and was very impressed.

Dec 15, 2003
Just a quick note to let you know that Bill's Electronics [Magellan Serrive Centre] was very quick with their service (less than one week after I sent the unit). There was a software problem that they corrected and this change made the unit operate better than when it was new. Good news (no charge). Thanks for your help.

Dec 09, 2003
Thank you. Found your website very user friendly with the best prices.

Dec 08, 2003
Thank you so much for your quick response and in sending it out today that is just wonderful..thank you again

Dec 04, 2003
Just a quick note..Ordered Monday morning through George, the order arrived in Kitchener....the next day. Awesome Thanks for the help.

Dec 03, 2003
Very user friendly site.

Dec 03, 2003
Had my GPS Street Pilot 2610 delivered at home the day after the order !!!!! Incroyable!!! A lot better than having to go shopping in my neibourhoood Thanks for that good service

Nov 24, 2003
I like the way you do business - prompt - obliging - well organized - nice site too.

Nov 23, 2003
Had quite a time finding a Canadian Company with a decent price. You are the cheapest that I could find with the best shipping rate. I wanted to spend my money in Canada. Buy Canadian, everyone wins!

Oct 16, 2003
Referred By = Referred by freind
Comments = Pleasure doing business with you

Oct 16, 2003
Just thought I'd drop you a note expressing my gratitude and admiration for your work with customers. The Garmin Legend that I purchased from you (at an unbeatable price), arrived in lightning fast time, as were your responses from my many email inquiries. A tip of the hat and a vitual shake of the hand to your company, you represent Garmin and Canada very well.

Oct 15, 2003
Good prices, and research and comparison information that is valuable in order to make informed purchasing decision.

Oct 15, 2003
Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your excellent service. I received everything that I ordered and up till now I am very satisfied. Thanks again!!

Oct 15, 2003
Is there a place on your wesite that I can leave positive comments? Your outfit is incredible...I've already referred you to 2 others who are looking at GPS for xmas gifts. I've told them of your quick response times with emails and your excellent website. Again...thank you for your help.

Oct 12, 2003
Nice online store, easy to use, not confusing at all. Good job.

Oct 10, 2003
I participated for the first time last weekend in the Kawasaki GPS Dualsport Series in Cloyne, ON. The ride was incredible. 565km over 2 days of very beautiful countryside. Thanks for sponsoring such an amazing event. As a result of this event, I learned of your services and have already ordered over $100 dollars of accessories for my Garmin. After viewing your website and comparing prices and variety of products, I expect I will make many future purchases from GPS Central.

Oct 02, 2003
Thank you for the excellent service and rapid delivery of the products I ordered from you. I will not hesitate to refer your company again.

Sept 29, 2003
I like your prices and I like your web site - your previous reputation for delivery and on phone assist is awesome - thank you in advance

Sept 28, 2003
Second purchase from you folks. I was extremely pleased with your promptness with my first order, and you were also very helpful over the phone.

Sept 28, 2003
Thank you...I'm pleased that you do not charge for shipping the Mapsource CD like another site that I almost ordered from!

Sept 27, 2003
my last order took 3 days, well packaged, no damage. i was very pleased, it is a pleasure to deal with

Sept 27, 2003
Very good price. I refer my friends to you

Sept 27, 2003
Great site with a lot of really good ideas

Sept 26, 2003
Thanks for your great, fast service and shipping. Will recommend you in the future.

Sept 25, 2003
Thanks, You folks are great!

Sept 25, 2003
Just wanted to say thank you to you for all the information you gave me regarding the purchase of my GPS. You went above and beyond when it came to helping me out and I just wanted to extend my gratitude for helping me out. Your courteous and prompt replies were the reason that I have chosen to buy my GPS from you. Again thank you.

Sept 25, 2003
From purchase until now, my dealings with GPS Central have been conducted entirely via the internet, and in my experience have set a new standard in efficiency. All responses have been amazingly swift and satisfactory. This impression also extends to your Website - the people doing the setup and maintenance have created a very informative, fast, and up to date shopping experience. I'll be ordering more accessories soon, and I even have some of my coworkers contemplating their GPS purchases at your site also. Thanks,

Sept 25, 2003
Thanks Jo!! You folks are still #1 in my books. :-)

Sept 24, 2003
Referred by friend. Extremely helpful and courteous people on the phone!!

Sept 23, 2003
Referred By = Yellow pages in Calgary. Did visit your store in February and purchased some accesories via net later this year.
Comments = Very satisfied with your service.

Sept 23, 2003
Bonjour Ian, Juste une petite note pour te dire que nous avons bien re?u le paquet aujourd'hui m?me. Merci pour le tr?s bon service. Nous sommes tr?s satisfaits. Bye

Sept 22, 2003
Very impressive site.....When I upgrade from the Garmin II Plus, I will definately contact your business. Thanks.

Sept 22, 2003
Site is very well done. clear with many options depending on level of comfort

Sept 22, 2003
Referred By = Previous good service and less than 24 hour delivery to Ontario!

Sept 22, 2003
Referred By = Referred by me. :-) I have purchased items from you in the past and am always extremely pleased with the service.

Sept 20, 2003
Referred By = Friend purchased through the internet, suggested your prompt service.

Sept 19, 2003
Site tr?s bien pr?sent?...

Sept 19, 2003
Thanks for the info, I'll be ordering mine sat.morning.Your quick response sold the units . thanks again.

Sept 18, 2003
Thanks for your excellent service!

Sept 17, 2003
Thanks very much for the update, and for the great prices! I'll be sure to let everyone know that the Geocaching goodies came from GSP Central !

Sept 15, 2003
Very good, easy to use website

Sept 15, 2003
The fact that you are Canadian owned and operated is significant. Although there is another YYC on-line store that has lower prices on some items, I notice that their parent (?) store is in Las Vegas, so one can assume that some of the profits go to the country that has banned the import of Cdn beef and countervailed softwood lumber. That, however, is another story...... I'm looking forward to doing business with you.Thnx...

Sept 14, 2003
Great site, all the info I needed to compare all the unit. Truely a site that you can shop at!

Sept 13, 2003
Great Site... just placed an order and found everything I needed. You have taken the time to add lots of extra information that made the experience very enjoyable.

Sept 12, 2003

Sept 11, 2003
The website is one of the more easily navigated that I have seen. I like the way that the inventory is presented.

Sept 11, 2003
Thanks for the great service!

Sept 10, 2003
You were recommended by friends, and I have recommended you. previous purchases through you have been processed quickly and hassel free.

Sept 10, 2003
Thanks for the quick response and excellent customer service.

Sept 08, 2003
Great price, and I always prefer to Buy Canadian! Now if only you'd carry more map software, I wouldn't need to buy that elsewhere :)

Sept 02, 2003
I would like to thank you for the fast replacement of the defective GPS I initially received. At first I was very disappointed with the failure of the unit, I was worried that I was in for a long exchange process and regretted ordering over the internet. Your quick exchange of the unit has renewed my faith in internet business. I had the replacement within a week, just in time for a long weekend trip. Technology items do have failures; fortunately this one is now a memory. I expect the next time I need a GPS I'll be ordering from you and will recommend your site to others. Regards ?

Sept 02, 2003
I received the Magellan USB/Serial adaptor today. It took all of 10 seconds to install the software on my Windows XP laptop and desk top. The GPS unit was found right away and I had no problems what so ever in down/up loading info from the hand held to my computer. To make a long story short, it works very well. Many thanks for the fast service. Look forward to dealing with you again in the near future

Sep 01, 2003
Already bought a GPS with you. Comments = Your service is absolutely impeccable.

Sep 01, 2003
Found this site the best for making a decision on witch unit to purchase.

Aug 29, 2003
It was great talking with you guys. Awesome friendly down home service! As Arnie says....Ahh'll be back!

Aug 29, 2003
Great service, very quick. Thank you very much. Very enjoyable to deal with you, I'm impressed .....

Aug 23, 2003
Ian and Jo get an A+ for customer service.

Aug 21, 2003
I would recommend without reservations. Their customer service is excellent

Aug 21, 2003
Check out for some great information on using non-aviation GPS's for aviation use. These people are excellent They carry both Garmin and Magellan as well as aviation and non-aviation models. In addition the owner is a pilot. They patiently answered all my questions when I was shopping for a GPS.
Jim [as reported from rec.aviaton.piloting]

Aug 16, 2003
*** were $5 dollars cheaper, and an american site that I can't remember was better on that days exchange rate. *** site definately seemed like it was an afterthought as opposed to the main way of doing business. Origonally I planned to find out details on the web and then purchase locally, but your prices were good and the site made me confident that I would not have any surprises. (Like accessories might not have been included, shipping pricey or slow, etc) This is the first time I've felt that way about an online purchase, despite being in the high tech industry. Thanks,

Aug 15, 2003
Internet site made me feel comfortable compared to others.

Jul 15, 2003
Thanks very much! I'll keep shopping with you guys, the service is nothing but excellent!

Jul 11, 2003
Thank you for your help, from my contact with you and your company, I am very impressed with your service.

Jul 11, 2003
You did it! I got my package today. First I contacted him and said OMG you will not believe this. Thank you.
Jul 09, 2003
A friend told me it would take forever to be delivered if I ordered from your company. Please make him a liar. Thank you.

Jul 09, 2003
Many thanks for your very prompt reply to my question. I have had nothing but pleasant dealings with your firm and wish to congratulate you on excellent customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone I know that is interested in GPS technology. The answer to my question was extremely helpful and explains what I thought may be an "electrically" related problem. My Meridian Gold has been a great source of interest and excitement to me since I purchased it from your firm and I will not hesitate in upgrading at some point through your company. Regards,

Jul 07, 2003
I wish to express my thanks for the prompt and efficient way in which my R.A.M. mount and EZE Mount order was handled. Very impressive, and you have a new fan. Your company had come highly recommended, and lived up to its reputation.

Jul 05, 2003
Thx Ian: Excellent service....

Jul 04, 2003
I would like to congratulate you about your service. I passed an order wednesday night which I received as soon as this morning. I had asked some question prior to the order by phone to which I have been answered immediately. Keep up the good job.

Jul 04, 2003
Well thanks a lot ! What can I say more ..... Oh yeah ! GPS Central Good service, good price and the best in Canada ! :o)

Jun 24, 2003
Thanks for the prompt delivery and great service, I will certainly be passing your name on to all those people I know who use/want GPS equipment.

Jun 23, 2003
If anyone is looking to purchase a GPS and is not sure where to purchase, look no further. Without a doubt GPS Central will satisfy all of your customer needs and do it with a friendly attitude and the finest customer service. I received my orders overnight and hassle free and am very happy with the E-Trex Legend. Ian and Joe will take of you, doing business in a manner that will leave you 100% satisfied. Thanks very much to GPS Central. You'll be my recommendation to anyone who asks.

Jun 19, 2003
Thank you for your very fast and personal responses. Thank you very much for your customer appreciation. I hope to do business with GPS Central again.

Jun 12, 2003
Just a note of thanks for the prompt and attentive service I received with my recent order of a Meridian Gold. I dealt with Ian and I couldn't be happier with the speed and attention he gave to my order. The unit arrived a little less than 18 hours after I placed the order. Ian was pleasant and knowledgeable over the phone. I just hope I'm half as happy with my new GPS as I was with your service. I intend to recommend your firm to anyone in Winnipeg who's looking for a new GPS.

Jun 11, 2003
Everything is in and great service... thanks.. will order again and make sure your service is known around...

Jun 10, 2003
this is great service.. really impressed ... will certainly refer you to friends...

Jun 04, 2003
I spent 2 weeks on the internet trying to get straight forward answers to simple question pertaining to gps advantages/disadvantages. I bought from you because of one reason,your ability to answer my questions. Once I got my product, I found it did what you said. Thank you.

Jun 03, 2003
Thanks for all your help Jo. It is very much appreciated.

May 30, 2003
Overall, I like this device and very satisfied with your service. The comparison table of each GPS on your Website is the best part of your master piece, keep the way it is. And I would like to thank you for waiving shipping cost on my invoice, even it is not much, but it shows that you are really listen to me. I have saved your address as a Way Point, hope I can stop by when I visit Calgary, to say hello and thanks to all of you.

May 29, 2003
Thank you for your very informative WEB site. I just received all the equipment I ordered 2 days ago. This was my first major purchase over the Internet and I must admit I was a bit apprehensive. I live in Montreal and spent a whole day shopping around for my Meridian Gold. I decided to order from you. What a good decision. I ordered late Tuesday afternoon and Thursday a.m. I got all of my order, delivered at my door. I find this just amazing. Keep up the good work and you can be sure that if I ever need any other items, I will get them from you and will highly recommend you people.

May 27, 2003
Thank you very much for your quick and professional service !

May 18, 2003
Happy customers always return! (Keep up the great service you provide).

May 15, 2003
Thanks for caring for your customers.

May 06, 2003
I will certainly recommend you guys for any future GPS and software needs.

May 05, 2003
Just a quick note to say 'THANKS!' for such prompt service. I placed my order last Thursday, and I received my order today [Monday]. Excellent service on your behalf.

May 03, 2003
Thank you guys, and the lady with the british accent! Hope this works out. :))) Thank you for caring, and for spending your time. Sincerely,

April 28, 2003
After visiting your web site many times, I finally got decided :) I could have order on-line, but as I was not sure of what I should buy, I thought that it would be good for me to go to your place. Even if I live quite far from Calgary (in Montr?al area...), I knew that I wanted to buy from you because you really are GPS specialists; even the way your web site is setup, it shows that you care about your customers and I felt comfortable. Of course, the good prices you have helped my decision too! After meeting with you today, I was not desapointed; you took time to give me explanations, even if I knew nothing about GPS (so far...) and even if you were busy. I also appreciated that fact that you talked to me in French a little bit!!! You did quite well! I guess that you don't have too many occasions to practice in Calgary!

April 23 , 2003
This company is one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with, thanks for all your help.

April 20 , 2003
Great service! (as usual).

April 17, 2003
I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I have now bought 2 units through GPS Central and I have received prompt service both times. We're planning to be out in Calgary this July, I'll try and stop by and say Hi.
A loyal customer, Rory

April 13, 2003
I buy from you in the past, very good service and effiency.

April 13, 2003
Referred By = I posted a question to mount my GPS onto my quad handlebars at A guy posted an answer sayin he bought his from you, as he is in calgary, and knew i was in edmonton.
Comments = great site! lots of products to choose from.

April 12, 2003
The best price I could find, good information on your web site, and helpful e-mail communications with staff.

April 12, 2003
Great site, great prices

April 12, 2003
Your website. Man it sucks. Talk about user unfriendly. Scrollbars up & down. Scrollbars left & right. Sorry people. You'll never get my business. YUCK

April 12, 2003
Great service in past.

April 12, 2003
Missing part received today. Excellent service. One more happy customer :o)

April 10, 2003
I have been in the market for a UPS and found the local retailers a little too expensive, so I resorted to searching the web. I found your price and shipping methods the most attractive by far. You offered a better package at a better price than the GPS model I was originally considering.

April 10, 2003
Thank god there is a Canadian company for some of this stuff! Keep up the good work!

April 03, 2003
Exhaustive search indicates you have the best website, information and price!

April 03, 2003
I began searching the web on getting info about gps. I found your website to be the best I saw and your prices were also the best.

April 03, 2003
Great product selection, effective web site and the users photos are a nice touch. Have you thought about hosting a GPS user forum?

April 02, 2003
Great Site. I was so glad to find a Canadian site for GPS equipment.

March 31, 2003
I will reccomend you to anyone who asks, the service and quick delivery i received has been TOP NOTCH. Thank you from a VERY satisfied customer......

March 29, 2003
Repeat customer - great service

March 29, 2003
Couldn't source accessories where I bought the GPS, brother recommended you.

March 28, 2003
Referred By = Hi great site! I joined the ODSC (Ontario Dual Sport Club) , and they do alot of GPS rides here in Ontario. So there is a link to your site, and they speak very highly of your store!!!
Comments = I can't wait to go riding!!!! I will mention your store to friends.

March 28, 2003
Before I get to the meat of my question let me mention how helpful your site and your employees have been in my quest to find the best GPS for me. When I decide it's a virtual certainty that I'll be purchasing the GPS from you. When I phoned your store the gentleman who dealt with me was informative, friendly and interesting. Thanks for not joining the phone only/ telemarketing type mentality that seems to pervade the business world.

March 28, 2003
I thought I would simply take a moment to relay on to you the fact that I am very impressed with the customer service I recently received from you and your company this week. On Wednesday afternoon, approx 2:00PM Calgary time, I telephoned you to follow up on an order I had e-mailed you that morning. You found the order and processed it that day. At approx 2:00PM today (noon Calgary time), Friday, in Toronto, Canada Post delivered my GPS unit and all accessories to me. You couldn't ask for better service from a company!!! There is only one problem--I had planned on working this weekend at my office!! So much for that!!! Again, thank you very much for your excellent and prompt attention!!

March 27, 2003
I was referred by Garmin to Canadian firms providing MapSource Update services. I chose your firm because you offer on-line business services. I find this very efficient.

March 27, 2003
I have been shopping with GPS Central for a while now

March 27, 2003
Referred By = Loyal customerLoyal customerChrisLoyal customer
Comments = I've noticed that XXX is selling it cheaper. can you match? [Of course! And check our site for the new price :-)

March 25, 2003

March 21 , 2003
Just bought my eTrex Legend through [GPS Central], and had EXCELLENT service. Prompt, answered all of my questions (including some pretty silly ones) and had the product to me within 3 business days.
tirediron (On geocaching forum)

March 20, 2003
Thank you very much for your prompt response to my note. I received my order the next day. Very much appreciated.

March 19, 2003
Just to let you know, my order arrived safely this morning. Many thanks for the prompt service and your paitience. Every appears to work perfectly.

March 17, 2003
I just wanted to acknowledge the excellent support I received last week when I purchased my new GPS 196. The problem I found in purchasing this unit was getting accurate advice regarding the land and water functions. As you know the aviation units are usually only sold through aviation dealers and they tend not to know the Blue Chart and Street data and how it works. I also found a problem finding stock and accessories with the aviation dealers. Since I fly, sail and work in oil and mining exploration I felt this was the perfect unit but I didn't want to pay the higher price unless I knew the unit would meet my requirements. Thanks again GPS Central for your advice.

March 11, 2003
I have received my new Etrex Legend last friday and everything was fine. I will enjoy it now ! Thank you for your good service.

February 16, 2003
Right from the start I would like to compliment you on you site, with respect to content, design etc. I held off buying a GPS until I had the opportunity to talk to the "factory reps" from both Garmin and Magellan at the National Boat Show at the CNE in Toronto, as all the retail outlets that sell the GPSs don't even know how to turn the units on. Needless to say I walked away very disappointed aftter the boat show because all they did was badmouth each other and simply rhymed off the basic specs from the brochures. [Boat Show reps take note!!] Hence I am very pleased that the "Google" search engine found you.

February 12 , 2003
Your service is second to none, delivery is always prompt, after sales service is friendly and efficient, and your prices are the best I have found. I work in a "high tech" industry (write software for Sawmills) and people know of my interest in GPS's and Geocaching and are always asking for advice, I always recommend your web site and store to anyone who asks for GPS info etc. Geocaching has become somewhat of a passion for us and everybody we meet and talk to, we recommend you as the BEST place to purchase the BEST GPS equipment. I would also ask if it is OK to create a link to your web site from my web site (check us out some time [Sure!! -- Jo]

January 18 2003
I bought mine [GPSMAP 76S] at GPS Central The best part was, ALL the questions I had were answered. They spent a lot of time with me on the phone and even had someone else call me at home about detailed Datum. The best part was they accidentally over charged me $12 and they were on the phone apologizing. They are in Calgary, just wish they had a outlet here in Edmonton!
Eddy [alt.satellite.gps]

January 16, 2003
I ordered a GPS76 unit last september and I have been very satisfied by both your quick and efficient service and the unit itself.

January 16, 2003
I purchased a RINO 120 from your company and I'm extremely happy with the unit and service provided by your company. A number of my friends have expressed interest with this unit and I was wondering if you provide a discount for multiple orders? [Volume discounts generally start at 5 units.]

January 15, 2003
RE: Am I glad to have found you guys.... I have a Garmin GPS12 now, but wish to upgrade. I've sent emails to both Garmin and Magellan seeking advice, but their customer service seems marginal for I've not heard from them. [Garmin & Magellan, take note!]

January 14, 2003
I am really impressed with your service. I didn't expect you to be there this late at night. I was impressed on my last order as well when you responded on New Years Day night. Fedex also should be complimented for delivering on time in the middle of a 20 cm. snow fall here in Toronto. Thanks Again for all the Help

January 13, 2003
Thanks for all of your help and info I ordered one this afternoon from your site. Thanks again and I will recommend you to all of the guys at work!!!

January 11, 2003
Thanks for the reply, I live in Kamloops, BC and do get to Calgary once in awhile to visit relatives. I plan to stop in now that I know about your store and I would like to see some mounts to get an idea of just what they look like.. I will be looking to see how I could mount one in the 4Runner.

January 08, 2003
Awesome web site

January 06, 2003
Excellent service (God I love the web). Thanks again!

January 06, 2003
I received my order today. Everything intact and working great! I received a lot of interest from fellow workers, (I'm in the military), and directed them to your site. Thanks for the great service and I expect to receive more orders from from me in the future.

January 04, 2003
You guys are $150.00 over the going average MSRP. What a rip off! I see why you price match, because you make so much off the uneducated buyer! Shame on you. [PLEASE NOTE: Our prices are in CANADIAN dollars.]

January 03, 2003
Thanks for the quick service. I received the unit on time even though we had a major snowstorm here in Toronto.

January 02 , 2003
Thanx for the assistance and willingness to forgo a sale. Much appreciated. Please cancel the order. If I need something unavailable elsewhere, I will surely remember you! [We referred Jose to a US dealer offering a better price.]

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