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December 28, 2007
Hi!  I just wanted to thank you very much for the great service provided.  You made our Christmas!  I could not find a TomTom unit like this here in Ottawa ....they were sold out everywhere.  The shipping affordable and you got it to me in no time at all.  Made my husband a happy man on Christmas morning. Thanks so much! Happy New Year to You! - Judy

December 19, 2007
Just a word of praise to you folks at GPS Central. I ordered a Garmin 305 yesterday in hopes it might be here in time for Christmas. It arrived moments ago, roughly 24 hours after I ordered. Excellent price and blindingly quick deivery. Thank you!!! Ross, Dartmouth, N.S.

November 11, 2007
Hi Steve, I think I was in there on Friday before this email got sent out!  Anyway, that's not why I'm emailing, I just wanted to forward a note on to someone there to mention that the lady I dealt with at the front was excellent.  She was very helpful and courteous and I appreciated the service very much.  I will be a customer again. Sincerely, -Arron

November 16, 2007
Why would you charge $15.00 to ship a piece of wire from Calgary to Westbank B.C.?  You have great prices, but your shipping sucks big time!!! -Nick
Sorry there, Nick. We try to figure out better ways to 'ship' for accessories like this. A one size fits all approach doesn't work, e.g. for items under $50 or whatever, because some items are large - and do cost $15 to ship. Until we get a weighted system, which we may never do, it's the best we can offer. On the bright side, it's delivered to your front door! With gas and time, it's gotta be worth something...

November 14, 2007
Sorry for my delay in replying. I did return the unit and exchanged it for a different brand, which by the way is just perfect (Garmin eTrex HC). This is the best GPS unit I have ever owned. I have to say the service I recieved from GPS Central was absolutely excellent! I didn't catch the sales person's name, but she had long dark hair. You could not have asked for a more pleasant, informed and helpful  representative. Without a doubt, I will only purchase from GPS Central in the future. I have passed this recommendation on to my friends and company (BFI Canada). You folks should offer courses to other firms on how to achieve customer service excellence! Thanks again, Jim Moore District Manager BFI Canada Inc.

November 2, 2007
George, I was in your store wednesday of this week and you exchanged a defective Garmin Map60Csx for me that I had not been able to test until the 30 day exchange period had lapsed. I was very disappointed when your support department told me I had to send it in for warranty. The fact that you were willing to recognize not all situations fit inside the "box" and exchange the unit restored my faith in your company. - Brian, Medicine Hat

October 16, 2007
Hi George, Used the new Nuvi this last weekend in the States. Worked great. Thanks again for the excellent service. I'll continue to do sales work for you behind the scenes. The darn things are like crack, once you start using, you can't do without! - Gord, Vice President and General Manager

October 12, 2007
I received my GPS this morning.  I am very impressed with your response time (less than 24 hours from order to receipt) and also the ease of ordering through your website. Thank you for a truly pleasant purchasing experience!
Regards, Wendy, Manager, Joint Interest Accounting

October 10, 2007
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with your company! We (stupidly) attempted to order a Garmin eTrex H from another online retailer. After phoning to check that they had it in stock and then ordering and paying immediately via paypal, we then waited three weeks and didn't hear anything from them. When we contacted them to ask what had happened we got different conflicting accounts and very little assistance. After much stress and repeated emails, they finally "rushed" us our order... it still took three days to get here and low and behold when we opened it... it was an old model eTrex - NOT and eTrex H as we had ordered. After more emailing and more unhelpful comments from the retailer, we finally just asked for a refund. That was yesterday. I mailed back the wrong gps and then went to gpscentral and ordered an eTrex H. This was yesterday, around 11am. I was relieved to receive a number of emails from you yesterday detailing the status of my order - it was reassuring. So after nearly a month of complete ineptness for the other company, imagine my delight when I opened the door this morning at 10am to find the mail-lady with our eTrex H from GPSCentral! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You have no idea how refreshing it is to deal with a company who actually cares about what they are doing and who treats their customers well. Keep up the good work! - Joy, Kelowna, BC

October 7, 2007
George, I have emailed you two emails containing 6 pictures in each from our event yesterday. I hope that they got through to you. I don't always trust emails with attachments. Thanks again for the prizes, they went over very well and were appreciated. Sincerely, David | Photos in the Gallery!>>

September 26, 2007
George: Simply by taking the time to reply you have impressed me. Beats the heck out of the usual auto-response promising follow-up which never happens.I will bookmark you and keep you on my shopping list. - Chris
[Re Some concerns about shipping costs]

September 14, 2007
Thank-you for your very efficient and courteous service. I rec'd my GPS this morning! Unbelievable!  I will certainly recommend your services to many many avid hunters out here in Southern Manitoba. thanks again....monica

September 10, 2007
Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to congratulate you for the outstanding sales and service you provided me on my recent purchase of a (Tom Tom Go 720). I placed the order from Burnaby, BC on September 05, 2007 and I received the package at my Burnaby office in only 21 hours. I am very impressed and I will definitely tell my friends and business associates what a pleasant experience I had with your company. I am also very pleased with my Tom Tom, it works perfect and just as advertised.Ps/ Canada Post also came through with flying colors. Best regards, Bob

Aug 17, 2007
Your web pages are impressive. Excellent, informative (lots of links) and easy to navigate web site which is usually the case for on-line American shopping sites but very unusual for Canadian sites. Henry (AB)

Aug 17, 2007
I recently ordered a pc connector for my etrex from you. I elected to have it shipped by Greyhound thinking that would be the most cost effective. When it arrived at the local depot, I was charged $18 shipping. I want to say that this is an outrageous amount to pay for shipping that little package. It would have been cheaper to have it delivered to my door by UPS or Fedex. I am not happy with this service. Please let your customers know when ordering by internet how expensive this shipping option is. Michael (Surrey BC)
Customers tell us that Greyhound provides quick and reliable service, particularly to rural areas. I added new information to the shipping and policy sections of the website. (Note: Metropolitan delivery charges may be more expensive than door-to-door deliveries by Canada Post or FedEx.) I admit flat shipping rates don't always work out well for customers who buy a small item. Expedited and FedEx are the least expensive options at $15. We do consider weighed shipping options on occasion but, at present, there is no definite plan to implement a new shipping system. Many customers do appreciate flat fee shipping, because they know charges in advance of ordering. To this end, thank you very much for your comments.

Aug 16, 2007
I received the GSP yesterday around 10am EDT in good condition. I'll have a couple of days to test it here before the oversea trip. Thanks much to getting it shipped quickly. I appreciate it. Best Regards, Emile (PQ)

Aug 14, 2007
Many thanks to Charlene for having very well answered all my questions today when I could finally order the GPS I had dreamed of for such a long time.  I will now anxiously wait after delivery. S. Gagnon (PQ)

Aug 13, 2007
Hi all, I ordered a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx handheld GPS last week. I received the product in a very timely manner and in perfect condition. Plenty of follow-up reports via e-mail were received throughout the wait from yourselves and Canada Post. I would order from you again without hesitation. Thank you. TZ. (Montreal)

Aug 10, 2007
Thanks for all your help Charlene.  You are a credit to your company, and I will recommend GPS Central to anybody I know, who is interested in buying a GPS of any kind.

Aug 7, 2007
Nice clean EASY FAST site, no bullshit flash crap to load up. Very few sites like yours left, it has that mid 1990's feel to it. Love it. Daniel (MB)
Thanks! It's crossed our minds to leave it just as it is, as a retro website. Even though we're re-designing a bit now, we're very fond of this HTML ship. I agree with you - one more ... loading... button and, cripes, a person can't even check out a Wendy's menu for staff lunches without updating a Flash plug-in...

June 11, 2007
Gil..Picked up antenna at the Greyhound depot this a.m. like you said, "it would be here the next day". I raced down to pick it up and installed it in the parking lot. It worked perfect. Thank You. I will be upgrading to a Garmin in the future, from you of course. The Lowrance was from AirMiles program so it a good starter unit at little expense.I'm going to the GPSForums web site and post some favorable news about you and your company.Thanks againPaul

May 30, 2007
Thanks, I actually got it this morning! Appreciate the great service.
Jason (ON)

June 1, 2007
Just to let you know that I just recieved my order today. Thank you, and was a pleasure doing business with you. Richard

May 21, 2007
Hi, I would like to add to this order that we were referred to your site by admins and users. Thanks. Alexandre (PQ)

May 16, 2007
Just want to let you know that the package came in just after your reply-email. I didn't expect it to arrive that soon. That's less then 3 days from ordering, to delivery in the Netherlands, really amazing! Exactly everything which was ordered, was in the package. Thanks for the quick delivery, and for the quick reply to my email.
Kind Regards, Rudolf

May 15, 2007
Hi - I just stopped by the store and picked up some Ram mounts for my 60CSx. I was telling a few people about the Calgary Area Trail Mapping Project, so I figured I'd give you the link.
Check it out. - Steve H.

May 8, 2007
Dear GPSCENTRAL; Thank you very much for the prompt response. Moe.

May 2, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:
Working for a company that is very much concerned about Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty and having Customer Service in the forefront of my daily actions, I feel compelled this morning to tell you how truly impressed I am with my recent online purchase from your company.

I ordered the Garmin Edge 305 bundle online at 2pm yesterday and I am already in receipt of the unit 9am the day after and on the opposite coast.

Because of my busy schedule I conduct most of my purchasing online and had good, acceptable and bad experiences but your company and Purolator have by far exceeded my expectations! Not only am I satisfied that I have paid a very competitive price for the unit but the entire transaction from the easy navigation of your website to the surprise this morning was the best online purchase experience I ever had!

I will recommend your company to my colleagues and friends!
Best regards, Christian Schlager
Sales Operations Manager
BMW Group Canada

May 1, 2007
Hello folks: Everything from this order arrived as described. Thanks for your help and prompt service. with best wishes, Bruce

April 30, 2007
Hi, I am writting to thank You for the great service & product everything fit perfect. But,I need 1 ball assembly to mount Ipod holder ap-14.I"m not sure which one so please e-mail  me.Also where would I purchase  contacts that fit in garmin holder ga 19,so charger can be pluged in.  Thank You in advance for Your help . -Terry [Followed up!]

April 20, 2007
George, You guys rock ... your customer service is fantastic. The Garmin GPS that it bought from you needed some repair and the repair depot wants the original invoice. I called your Product Support desk and the person who answered the call faxed me the invoice within a few minutes. Any one can expect great service when they are about to spend some money, but the true character of an organization is shown when a small request like this is treated as well as a new purchase. Please thank the help desk on my behalf. Mike

April 18, 2007
Thanks for unexpectedly prompt delivery! Theresa

April 17, 2007
Hi George, I received your parcel today and wanted to thank you for the generous donation for the event. I have placed GPS Central on the cache page prize donation list and will certainly sing your praises at the event. Thank You Again Edith [Geocaching: A Prelude to Summer BBQ #2 - Ponderosa Pines Campground Hopewell Cape N.B. Saturday May 12/07]

April 16, 2007
I'm writing to express my thanks for the generous donation you provided for the CITO I organized on Saturday [St. Alberta, Lion's Park/ Sturgeon River AB]. The event was a resounding success, with 35-40 attendees.   We had the park cleaned top to bottom with an hour to spare.   Everybody really appreciated the donations, and said to thank you on their behalf. Please feel free to log your attendance at this CITO, as your donations were instrumental in its success. Best Regards,   Ron Heigh, C.Tech. Project Co-ordinator

April 14, 2007
Hello there,
My name is Frank B. and am a local Calgary geocacher. At our CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) event today, I was the lucky winner of the eTrex Legend Cx unit that was so graciously donated by GPS Central. I can certainly say that you have a very loyal customer base in the Calgary geocaching community. The comments at these events are always extremely positive in regards to your store, staff and service... regards, Frank

April 14, 2007
Just a quick note to thank you all again for the wonderful donation of the GPSr, the discounted T shirts and the freebies!! We had an awesome event with about 80+ people attending in beautiful sunny weather in Edworthy Park. People wore their T shirts with pride: Picked up loads of trash: And were really happy when they won: Thank you!! We’ll do the event again in October!!   Best wishes   Miles More pics of the event in our Photo Gallery>>>

April 5, 2007
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with the service of your staff. I had purchased a e-trex vista and have had problems with two of them so I exchange the last one for the gpsmap 76s. Jesse and Charlene (think that was her name) where very helpful and the quick service was great. I have recommended your business to a few of my friends and you can count on more to come. Thanks again, Rob N.

April 4, 2007
Hello, I received my latest order (...) on Monday April 2. I truly appreciate you waiving the shipping charges. As I mentioned, had I done the proper research, I would have placed all three of my orders at one time. I commend you on your high level of customer service and will definitely recommend your company as I embark on my first season down at the harbour. Regards and thanks, Sean (Port Elgin, ON)

March 29, 2007
Thank you very much for your efforts in getting this shipped today. I appreciate the extra effort that it took to make it happen. This item is being shipped to one of my customers and he will be very appreciative for the quick response. You have made a first-time GPS Central customer very happy! Congratulations on a great site backed by great service. Jeff (Mississauga)

March 26, 2007
Just to let you know that my order [...] arrived in a timely fashion, complete & in a good state. Excellent service, thanks. Luc

March 22, 2007
Hi, Jesse:
I guess I'll be a Garmin supporter forever! <smile>  Per your suggestion, I wrote to Garmin with the same note I sent you, and their response is included below [StreetPilot 2720].   As I said to them, "Pretty impressive"... It is service like this that will keep me as a dedicated Garmin customer forever! Well done!! I have used Garmin since the early 1990's, and will obviously continue to do so! Refreshing, you are! Cheers, Ted

March 21, 2007
I ordered a Lowrance H20-C from you're store yesterday. I was expecting to receive it this Thursday or Friday. It showed up this morning!! To say the least I am very impressed with how prompt you shipped the product. Not to mention the price was fantastic! If I have any future purchases relating to GPS products you will be the first store I will consider. I have a lot of friends who boat/fish a lot and will be sure to recommend you're store. Thanks, Paul

March 9, 2007
I received the order today March 9, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. Great service, will buy from you again. Highly recommended Regards H.R.

March 9, 2007
Hi guys, just wanted to drop you a note as to how pleased I am dealing with your shop online. Nice. Good helpful staff. Click to read more>>

March 7, 2007
My order was processed on Monday morning and I received it the very next morning in Vancouver. I had it shipped by air as I am going to New York this week and needed it fast. Thank you for the great service! I will definitely be ordering from your store again. David

March 4, 2007
Dear GPS Central,
I' m writing to tell you of a few thoughts about my new Garmin Nuvi 350. Click to read more>>

February 9, 2007
Thanks for the FAST service – mount arrived yesterday!

February 8, 2007
Hi: I received my order on Monday the 5th. I am very pleased with your service and prices. Keep up the great work and best wishes. Victor

February 6, 2007
I found you on a Google search screen (sponsored link). I ordered from you because you have an incredible reputation in the newsgroups. Where I normally expect to find complaints I read only good things. Please convey my thanks to Gil Grandahl for answering my questions carefully and clearly ...!!

February 5, 2007
Had to take a minute to tell you how impressive Roxy was on the phone. I am involved in a humanitarian project trying to recover a body of a young man that drowned on Lake Nippissing in Ontario. Roxy was friendly and extremely knowledgeable on the product and how it interacts with the hardware. Thanks Martin

February 3, 2007
Hi Monsieur Valentine! I had received my 60 CSx and it's amazing, it's a great machine!! You have a very good service! And at the next purchase, maybe! Eric (Lots-Renversés, Québec)

January 23, 2007
I would like this message to get to the very TOP of your company... The co-operation of your staff has been excellent in helping me resolve my problems of the Tom Tom 910. I wish that that you take this message as a commendation to your staff and I certainly hope to deal with you in the future. Once again thank you....
John (Timmons ON) Duly noted and done!

January 19, 2007
You seem to have the most comprehensive listing of GPS units I have found, and I phoned and Karen was extremely helpful in my making a decision as to which model to order.

January 17, 2007
I just want to say a big thank you for expediting my order so quickly - the item arrived early this morning - an amazingly quick time. I am so impressed with your service - you do an amazing job, both your customer rep guy (I am really sorry that I didn't note his name - he was really patient with me) and your online ordering service. I am happy to recommend you (and I do!) to others. Kind regards Roz

January 15, 2007
Ok you win! I order tons of stuff online, and I've never seen a package shipped out in a half hour! I wish all suppliers were like you. I will be back. Andre

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