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December 7, 2008. I can’t believe it! I live in the country and to travel to a city to purchase a single item like a GPS doesn’t make much sense; so….. I ordered the GPS on line on Saturday! The following Monday (Basically One Day Later) I received a notice in my country mailbox from the post office to come and pick up a parcel, it was my GPS!  Wow! That’s great service!  Keep up the great work; in today’s world, service doesn’t seem to be a priority!  Thanks -Elain

December 5, 2008. PS. I really like your service, and the way GPSCentral staff treat people makes me feel valued. :-) This is my second purchase from your company, and although I spend close to $30,000 in small purchases from a variety of online sources every year, I have to let you know that you have the most friendly staff I've encountered; and they make GPSCentral tops in my list of suppliers. Unfortunately, I mostly buy computer components, and GPS gear isn't a big part of my sales. :-( Anyway, kudos to you and your staff. B.

December 5, 2008. Thank you Julia! Great service!

December 3, 2008. Your telephone sales staff was very helpful! Thanks!

December 2, 2008. Charlene, Thank you for your kind and efficient attention. Enjoy the Holiday Season. -John 

November 28, 2008. I just want to tell you that I've phoned your company twice in the last three years. Both times, I got all the help I wanted and it was delivered with a great attitude. It's the main reason we bought a newer Garmin product. I had confidence that if I needed help with it, I'd be able to get some. Thanks for the customer support. Regards, -Tom

November 26, 2008. Hi there.  I wanted to send an e-mail to let you know I received phenomenal phone support from Julia.  I have recently purchased a GPS unit for my husband, and had so many questions, that she answered for me.  She is very knowledgeable, and has helped me with my decisions. -Teresa

November 19, 2008. Hi there, Just a quick line to say that I received my GPS promptly in good working order thank you. It is nice to have a quick, smooth transaction. You also acted efficiently in reworking my address to include the reference number I requested. Result: one happy customer. Thanks again. Kind Regards -Simon

November 17, 2008. Thanks for the Rocket Express treatment. - mike

November 7, 2008. This order is a direct result of the excellent customer service provided by Gil Grandahl. Thanks!

November 6, 2008. Thank you for your help today!  Great customer service. -Scott

November 3, 2008. Thanks for the excellent service. Received all orders very quickly and your telephone staff is first rate. GPS Central will be my gps store. -Frank, Chilliwack, BC.

October 31, 2008. hello, just a quick note in regards to the Colorado... however, to be honest, I really didn't like it from the start. perhaps I have not spent enough time with it...comments as follows:

  • I can't get it to show more tracks on the screen then the one I am navigating, unlike my etrex and 276 it only shows the one track, very inconvenient when not be able to view all tracks at one glance
  • the one track that is shows is highlighted, this high light makes that actual track appear very wide as compared to the traditional "bread crumbs" other garmin models. I use the track as a "safe zone" not just a general direction to follow
  • a co-worker tell me his unit when plugged into 12V power point shows a "connected" message on the screen that's blocks the display. not handy when using in a vehicle
  • although the etrex series leads the way in simplicity of use, the Colorado is awkward even compared to our 276C

for what its worth...thats what us guys up north think.

October 30, 2008. Good Morning, Just a note to thank you for the for superb service I received on my recent orders .Well handled and promptly delivered.Regards, -Peter

October 30, 2008. Thanks very much [Julia] for making my first time purchasing from GPS Central an easy and stress free experience. You made it easy to do business with. You were very patient as I asked a lot of questions. I will definitively be a return customer in the future.Thanks again.-Laverne

October 29, 2008. What is your position on the new legislation in Ontario that prohibits the use of hand held GPS in cars?? - Serge

Our position has always been: we do not suggest you set addresses or punch buttons on these devices while driving. The Ontario legislation will prohibit the devices to be 'in hand,' which is similar to our position. Like with cell phones, a driver should pull over to input an address destination or check his/her whereabouts visually on a GPS screen display.

There are some grey areas. For instance, if the GPS is mounted on the dash or windshield, it can be 'used'. What this means is that the unit guides the driver by giving electronic voice instructions. We have found that this function increases driver awareness - of the road, locale, conditions, speed limit or school zone postings, depending on the model. I don't know what to call this effect, but it's like bio-feedback for athletes. It increases a driver's awareness of the ongoing process of driving, road conditions and the surroundings (environmental context).

SO, if GPS is used properly (and legally now, in Ontario), it can be a useful (we'd say, positive) technological tool for navigating your car. If used improperly, it can be a dangerous distraction.

October 22, 2008. I received this GPS approx. 1/3 hour ago. Service from payment to delivery was excellent. Thanks for the service! -Sandy

October 15, 2008. Hi George, I'd like to thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity. Your donations are greatly appreciated. If you have any business cards, brochures or anything of the sort, feel free to send them along too and we'll be sure to hand them out to everyone in attendance. Also, we will post a link to your website under our sponsors list on the event page. As I'm sure many pictures will be taken at our event, I'll be sure to send you some of the best ones! - John [Halloween Geocaching event on November 1, the Muggle Monster Mega Mash, GC1G632 on]

October 6, 2008. I would like to thank the sales and shipping team at GPS Central for filling and shipping my order on such short notice.  After failed order attempts earlier in the day due to issues with my Paypal account (an outdated expiry date on my credit card) and my internet service (a power failure), I was doubtful that your team would be able to process and ship my purchase on the same day, given the order wasn't processed until after 2pm MT.  After the "glitches" were corrected, I called your service team to see if same day shipping was possible, and I was assured that every effort would be made to ship immediately upon receiving the order.  You did it!  Thank you for your efficiency and excellent service!  As long as Fedex does its job, I will be taking my new GPS with me on my wilderness trip on Wednesday night. I will certainly buy again from GPS Central !! -David, ON

September 23, 2008. Dear Sir or Madame: Once again I am blown away by your excellent service. You guys are the greatest. I just received my third Quest in the mail. (I had the first 2 stolen) As usual you came thru quickly and accurately. At a time when I am rarely satisfied with other businesses service, you guys always come through like super stars. Thanks for every thing.  Thanks for helping me chose the right GPS for me. I did much researched. You gave me real, informed, critiques on the units I was interested in, no other website did that.  I sent you E-mails with questions, and received quick informative answers.  Thanks you for honestly telling me if a particular unit was reliable or not before I purchased.  Thank you  for all my orders being shipped quickly, securely and correctly.  Thank you for the great prices. Twice now I've bought refurbishes and been very pleased. No quirks. I even took a chance twice and ordered out of stock items and still received my order within a week.  Thank you for the free travel bug, drink-cozy and patch. I only wish the rest of my consumer life could be so easy. You should all be very proud. I always tell all my friends to shop here. -Kenneth, Red Deer, Alberta

Sept 22, 2008. Item arrived safe and sound and on time!! Thank you. -Wayne

September 15, 2008. Man you guys rock. I ordered a Garmin 76csx on Friday & it's just arrived (monday morning in Auckland, New Zealand!). Even with the courier fee you're way cheaper than the cheapest local price here & delivered Canada to NZ quicker than I could get it sent locally too. I'll be raving to everyone how good your service is that's for sure. Cheers, Malcolm, New Zealand

September 15, 2008. Received the goods today just in time for my trip starting at 7am tomorrow - Thanks so much! -Bob

September 12, 2008. Thank you. Package arrived today. Great service! -Pete

September 8, 2008. Good morning Charlene, The clip unexpectedly arrived a day early (ExpressPost is so much faster than Puro across Canada, it's incredible) and my gps can now be attached to a car. I cannot thank you enough for acting so fast. Ready to hit the beaches of L.A. now. This travel will be a breeze! It was a pleasure working with you and GPS Central and I look forward for my next GPS purchases.

September 8, 2008. Hi Roxie, I just want to let you know that the Cache and Release event went very well! A total of 58 caches were hidden within 10 km of city limits! The hunt was a hoot, I encountered many geocachers on the trails! Then, we all met for a bite and a beverage and prize distribution. The stories everyone had to tell were terrifically entertaining! However, the main reason I am writing is to thank you and GPSCentral again for the wonderful prizes, they were very well received by the crowd! I also want to mention that everyone was made aware of GPSCentral's contribution of prizes and was thanked explicitly at the event. It was appreciated by all! Everyone had such a great time that by the end of the event, people started asking when the next Cache and Release will take place. I told them that I am hoping to hold another one in March, same rules, different flavour (cold, snow, ice, long darkness vs. swamps, bugs, longer days). GPSCentral has been a great sponsor of many Calgary area events, I hope that it can continue doing so. I will contact you or George in the winter to see if another contribution can be made again. Thanks again, the geocaching community appreciates it very much! - Kenny

September 5, 2008. Hi Julia, Thanks for taking care of the order for me. I did talk to my friend from search and rescue and he is going to buy the 5 watt gps off of me, so you can cancel the RMA. I had also talked to a guy from Discovery GPS and he said he had a 5 watt as well, and that when Garmin runs out of the 2 watt they fill their backorders with the 5 watt. That must be what happened here. Anyway THANKS again for you help and quick action on my orders your customer service is great and I would recommend people to deal with your Company. Thanks, Arnie

August 28, 2008. Hi. I want to say thank for the fast delivery, it’s appreciate. I receive it, this morning at 10. My friends will be advise about your site. Thank again -Michel

August 22, 2008. Recently I bought 2 gps, 1 gps support and software. It was a pleasure to deal with a company as professional as yours. The delivery took place exactly on time and determined the products were as presented. Thanks to the entire team for your great customer service. - A satisfied customer

July 30, 2008. Just wanted to tell you that I had a great experience ordering my sonocaddie from you. By letting me know everything from receiving my order to processing my order to shipping my order,not to mention shipping with fedex where I could track my order every step of the way.It really took away any of the anxiety I have had ordering online at other retailers.But the best thing was the price which was $50 less than anywhere else including ebay[where I've had my worst experiences online].All this AND a Canadian company!Good job!   Regards -Brent

July 29, 2008. Just wanted to tell you that I had a great experience ordering my sonocaddie from you.By letting me know everything from receiving my order to processing my order to shipping my order,not to mention shipping with fedex where I could track my order every step of the way.It really took away any of the anxiety I have had ordering online at other retailers.But the best thing was the price which was $50 less than anywhere else including ebay[where I've had my worst experiences online].All this AND a Canadian company!Good job!   Regards -Brent

July 25, 2008. Hi George, Thanks again to GPS Central for donating prizes to Calgary's first Cache and Release event that occurred back in March. The event went very well, and the prizes were very well received by the community. The first prize, given for most hides placed for the event, was the IQue 300 donated by GPS Central. Due to the success of the first event, I have been asked by many to organize a sequel event. I have decided to put on a summer edition of the event on the last weekend of August. - Kenny

July 14, 2008. Hello George! Thank you so much for the generous items for the Family Geocaching event. It was very, very well attended and both sessions were completely full! i was surprised to see a GPS in the box you sent over and can't thank you enough for such an amazing item to draw for. I collected e-mails of the families and will draw the winner. Here are a few photos from the event - I wanted to take more photos, but was busy teaching! The photos you see are the morning class, there were just as many in the evening class. Regards, Frank

June 22, 2008. I did receive the cable just before I leave for my trip. Thanks for the really fast shipping. Cable work just perfect. Very good service, will recommend you. - Vincent

June 20, 2008. Received my GPS today. Thanks for the great service! Cheers!

June 17, 2008. Hi! Just a quick note to thank you for the fast delivery and great personal service. I recently purchased a Garmin Legend HCx and enjoy it for boating and biking. Thanks!

June 13, 2008. I came into your store in the afternoon to get some help to down load a new map into my Garman GPS. Unfortunately the staff member told me that they did not want to help me. I explain that I had just bought this unit two months ago. I was then told that that was my problem and that all they wanted to do was sell product and that if I had any issues to contact Garman at their web site and not to bother coming to your store. -Dale

June 10, 2008. Excellent Roxie and monica!! The units and swag have arrived. I can't thank you enough for getting on board with us. The sponsors section of our website will be up shortly, from which there is a special page for GPS Central and a link through to your website. You can look forward to receiving updates from me as we approach our launch date.As well, please check often for updates. All the best! -Benjamin

June 2, 2008. Please take me off your contact/mailing list. My experience with your customer support was not a happy or pleasant one and I hope to never again do business with your company. - N. Chong

June 2, 2008. Just checked out the Terry Fox Tour of Hope [see Community]; and then some of the other events/groups you have sponsored.  You are awesome!  I am proud to have done business with your company! -Pryna (Lacombe, AB)

May 30, 2008. I’ve just received the covers for my Zumo 550 – quick response to my email of last week.  The added gifts (hat – t-shirt) were an unexpected surprise, many thanks.  Outstanding customer service! -Brian (Victoria BC)

May 26, 2008. Just a quick note to say that I was very impressed with your service.  Not only were you one of the first suppliers to have this watch in stock but the fact that I was able to order in the morning and receive it in the afternoon in the time for the week-end was very pleasing.  I shall certainly be recommending your site to fellow GPS enthusiasts! Thanks, Stephen

May 22, 2008. Hi Julia, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have been dealing with GPS Central for several yrs and always feel very well taken care of... Later: Like I said to you I always find GPS Central a very customer oriented operation. Not only did you make a sale today you made a loyal customer. Thanks. [Re Croatia maps].. -Rick

May 15, 2008. Received items yesterday.  Thank you for your fantastic service. -Barry

May 15, 2008. Already done and GPS unit arrived the next day. Please pass along to your staff that the service was second to none.  My order was placed just after 3pm and the unit arrived before 11am the next day.  Unbelievable. Warmest Regards, Dave

May 1, 2008
thanks! you guys are awesome!! -Chip (Toronto)

April 28, 2008. Received the TomTom GO 920 charger in today's mail.  Thanks -- great service! - Carl

April 23, 2008.•••• I will ring a differrent bell today because I was pretty much disapointed this week. I ordered a GPS Sunday whith GPS Central, not because of their prices that are better in some other stores but because of their offers. Indeed, when you bought some models, they offered a $100 rebate on a very interesting navigation kit. And that was unbeatable anywhere. But, Monday I received an unsigned, blunt e-mail saying they were out of stock and could not get the nav. kit anymore. No word of appologies, no replacement product offer, nothing. I called to have the great pleasure of talking to a machine to which I asked to cancel my order. In that they were efficient, a couple of hours later, I received yet another unsigned blunt e-mail saying my order had indeed been cancelled. Sorry guys that is NOT what I consider good customer service. -René

April 14, 2008. Thanks Holly - Please pass on my appreciation for keeping the price where it was - I was expecting an email telling me that it was going to be more money. I've dealt with you guys a few times and always been impressed. A Canadian company I'm proud to be a customer of - many thanks and keep up the great work. Cheers, Jonathon

Apr 10, 2008. Hi George, I just wanted to say thank you, and make sure that the other two orders that were put through in your order system will be refunded to my mastercard, if they havent yet (they take a while to process, just wanted to be sure you've started that process :). Thanks for taking the time to correct the issues with my order, and you are welcome to post this email in whole or in part on your site as customer feedback. T hank you very much for the fantastic service, I will gladly recommend your store to anyone who is looking for GPS products. The turnaround time was less than 24 hours, and I'm 2000kms away, which is truly amazing. Have a good day, Justin M. Hunt

April 4, 2008. The electronic receipt is a nice touch, thanks again! - Owen

March 31 2008. Just a note to thank you for your prompt service, I appreciate it. It was a pleasure dealing with your company. -David

March 31 2008. Just a quick note to follow up on my last email.  The GPS arrived at noon today.  Canada post is a tad slow in logging information into the system. Thank you very much, we look forward to using the new GPS Colorado. -Heather, Comox BC

March 28 2008. I just received my first order and I have to say that your service is terrific. I ordered online a GPS from Costco a few weeks ago and I will never do that again. Not only did it take two weeks to get it, but they would not reply to any of my emails asking for a delivery date. Sad part is your price is even lower. Your latest news letter is great, I am sending it to all my buddies. Keep up the good work !!! regards, Ben

March 27, 2008. I would like to commend Gil on his helpful information and pleasant demeanor when I came into the store for information.  Also, your prices are great. [comment written on customer order]

March 19, 2008. Hi !   i Order a GPS Watch 14 Mars [March 14] and i receive 18 Mars to Lac-st-jean (Quebec) .Congratulations your service its excellent. I very satisfate business whit you.Thank you for Free T-shirt include whit my order. -Remy

Feb 23 2008. Hi George, just letting you know that I received the package today.  Thank you and GPSCentral  very much for your contribution!  I will be sure to announce your sponsorship to the event attendees before giving out the prizes.  I am sure these prizes will be very well received at the event!  Thanks again! - Kenny (Geocaching event Mar 7/06, Cache and Release)

Feb 22 2008. Sir/Madam, Thank you for the excellent service. This was the first time that I have ever placed an order by internet. The service was fast and convenient. I will not hesitate to order form your company again. - Terry

Feb 2 2008. Thank you for the great service! My 76CSx arrives at my door today at 1410; ~ 70 hours after your confirmation email. It is now loaded with Topo Canada and ready to hike. This is my second purchase from your site, and I will continue to promote your company and its super service. Regards, Murf

Jan 30 2008. It is the 7th transaction completed with GPS Central within the past two years: what else could I say, they are far beyond duty, and every time I'm amaze to see how fast their shipping is.  No matter what price you may be quoted anywhere else, they match.  Thumbs up GPS Central! - Y Nadeau, Quebec City

Jan 22 2008. Dear "nancy" or to whom it may concern: just wanted to thank the lady at the front desk in calgary retail store. The suggestion of velcro - found at wall mart, and some patience and scissors, I was able to use the unit and it seemed to hold relatively well, and the adhesive may need some additional glue at some point, but I can see this idea being a universal solution to the accessories for the Navigon 7100 series. I will also come by and purchase the friction base that you showed me, and was wondering if you could please give me the price of that unit again. (to work in tandem with the rammount you sold me today.

Thank you for the extra large mouse pad, too, I have a little more comfort now when I type and click, and it helps relieve some of the pain from my carpal tunnel syndrome. I appreciate your 'sacrafice' and want to let you know how much it really does help! Your assistance today has helped make my gps so much easier to use, as I purchased mine from the bargain finder and its mount was broken. I will surely be by for the friction base unit (please email me cost etc) and see you soon! -Martin

Jan 16 2008. To Webmaster: I think your site is the best I've ever seen!!! It's fast and has such an intelligent and complete arrangement of information that it nearly makes me cry when I think about struggling to find answers at other sites!! It's the standard concept that all other web retailers should adopt! It's so good it almost makes me want to order something whether I need it or not! Congratulations! - Keith

Jan 17 2008. Hi George, I just wanted to let you know that your package arrived today and to say a very big thank you for the donation of the Explorist 400, tshirts, pens and bottle coolers. It was very generous of you and is much appreciated. I know everyone at the event will be excited about it. - Ralph Greater Toronto GeoBASH 2008

Jan 14 2008. Hello GPS CENTRAL SALES. I want to thank you for the prompt shipping and handling of my Garmin software order. I will happily recommend your company to others. Sincerely, Neil

Jan 14 2008. Hi, I just bought a mobile 10x from you. Delivered promptly. Exactly as expected. A+++ THANK YOU. - David

Jan 8 2008. I will be calling GPScentral this morning to cancel my order for a Garmin Nuvi750. I have had the opportunity to deal with GPScentral multiple times in the past. Then, you have always exceeded my expectations. I ordered this unit (and case) for my wife to be her Christmas gift. In an attempt to ensure no issue, I followed up my order with an email to GPScentral giving my cellphone number asking to contact me if there were any problems with the order!

To my dismay,  upon checking my order status just prior to Christmas, I found my order was still pending fulfilment! Calling GPScentral, I was informed "we don't do partial shipments". This upset me. Upon receiving THAT attitude, my first notion was to cancel my order,  but knowing it was too late to receive my wife's gift to prior to Xmass, cancelling would have been futile.   The way I (the customer) see it,  moreso because of the time of year, I should have been contacted, giving the choice.  At very least, your site should have informed me the order was not going to be fulfilled upon my purchase. 

Anyway, doing a little checking this morning, I see that GPScentral has competition in Toronto which has the products in stock and even includes shipping. 

Having now owned a GPS for years now, I have met many who have asked about the technology. I have mentioned GPScentral many times. It's been a good relationship, but sorry folks, you've dropped the ball. -Mike
We sent Mike a gift certificate to make up for the bad and disappointing service. We never heard back for the [certificate's] redemption or otherwise. GPS Central shipped over a thousand orders before Christmas (otherwise) without incident. Sorry, Mike.

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