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GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Tracking

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Fleet Tracking

Vehicle tracking is essential for employers to track their mobile workforce. Using GPS auto tracker systems, you can monitor where your company cars are in real time. Each vehicle’s GPS tracking systems logs its whereabouts so you can review the data at a later point in time.

While allowing you to monitor your mobile workforce, GPS vehicle tracking systems also allows you to communicate directly with your workforce. Alert your drivers of road blocks, traffic congestion and shortcuts instantly with a detailed map to guide them. Fleet tracking devices are usually equipped with Bluetooth technology and built in microphone and speakers to allow your drivers to communicate with you hands-free to keep their attention on the road.

Private Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking systems can also be used on family cars, especially with young or new drivers who easily get lost and need directions. Drivers who are 16 years old are 20x more likely to have an accident over other drivers. Equipping your teens vehicle with a GPS auto tracker gives them instant access to directions and provides you a way to know where your son or daughter is should you need to give them directions or go pick them up.

Hardwired & Plug n’ Play Tracking Devices

Choose between a hardwired vehicle tracking device and a portable plug n’ play tracking device.