GPS Central Wholesale Division

Please note: Special shipping offers do not apply for wholesale orders. 

As well as serving the GPS retail market at discounted prices, GPS Central through its Wholesale Division can offer further savings to businesses, government departments, military, schools, universities, colleges and other organizations such as Search & Rescue, Police & Ambulance Services, Guides/Scouts and community associations who are making large volume purchases.

Payment is accepted in Canadian or US dollars (Canadian credit cards: Visa, MasterCard; and US credit cards: Visa, MasterCard).

Business to Business (B2B) – HELPING YOU DO BUSINESS.

Please contact GPS Central Wholesale for your B2B requirements. Our clients are in these fields:

  • automotive, RV dealerships – customer sales incentives
  • couriers, owner/operators – transport & delivery
  • ecological/environmental assessment – field work, mapping
  • farming – agriculture, bee hive monitoring, etc.
  • marketing, promotion and communications – client gifts, corporate services, conference welcome packages
  • NGO’s and charitable groups
  • oil & gas – map software for rural navigation, lease, LSD and GPS
  • real estate – group buy for individual realtors (listings-to-doorstep street navigation)
  • security functions – concert/event security
  • vacation and RV rentals – sign-up incentives, fleet enhancements

For resellers, GST registration is a necessary requirement for qualification as a reseller. The opportunity exists for businesses to qualify as an Authorized Garmin Reseller, which may provide greater consumer recognition and exclusivity in your store and/or e-store. Contact us for details at

Government, Military, Educational Institution Discounts

We welcome the opportunity to bid on tenders from Federal and Provincial Government, Military, Municipal & Educational sectors. We accept Government and approved institutions credit cards & Purchase Orders over $500.

Volume Discounts

GPS Central can also offer volume discounts: 10 or more units qualify (depending on the product’s availability).