1.5″ Ball and Swing Arm Systems for Laptops and Heavier Electronics

RAM components of the same ball size family are 100% interchangeable. So if you decide to alter configurations or applications, simply switch out the components.

One inch ball components are normally used for mounting GPS receivers, PDA’s and similar lightweight equipment. To mount heavier items such as laptops or marine electronics, 1.5″ ball components or larger are recommended.The easy-to-follow RAM numbering system lets you know which components are compatible:

  • The components with “B” after RAM are part of the 1″ ball family, e.g. RAM-B-201
  • The components with no letter after RAM are part of the 1.5″ ball family, e.g. RAM-202
  • The components with “D” after RAM are part of the 2.25″ ball family, e.g. RAM-D-101

We have several RAM Mounting solutions:

RAM Pedestal Mounts
No-Drill Mounts (fleets/marine)
Chrome Mounts – Motorcycles

Laptop Tray (Tough Tray) & Accessories


Swing Arm Mounts