10. It’s just fun. It’s adventure, it’s situational awareness, it’s maps & cartography. It’s actually a flexible technology – you can make it what you want it to be, and people do all the time.

9. A wide selection of GPS in stock. Our ‘ best of brand’ product line is always carefully picked from a rapidly-growing GPS market. ASK US 24/7 ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS VIA EMAIL, (We’ll respond to your questions during regular business hours.)

8. It’s more than GPS here. Find vehicle laptop mounts, solar electronics chargers, waterproof iPod cases…

7. We stay informed – by GPS reviews, new product announcements, blogs, space program news… Subscribe to our newsletter here … and check what’s new today… we like to see what’s on the horizon. Our GPS products are evaluated by staff for user-interface, mapping accuracy, reliability, durability and manufacturers’ warranty support – before we sell to customers!

6. A proudly Canadian retailer. If we do Global Domination Now! – it’s as Canadians who are enterprising and independent. The HQ is in Calgary AB. We support green business practices/products (hey, it’s why we like online retail in Canada – it saves time, money, car trips).

5. User Tips on our website. These devices can do a lot of tricks! – when we figure it out, we share. When customers tell us about their experiences with a product, we share.

4. The staff’s hands-on experience with GPS receivers. No commission sales keeps us honest, maybe just too honest – but a lemon’s a lemon, a cheaper option is a cheaper option. We’re straight up and decent folks.

3. Fast shipping! 1-4 days to most destinations in Canada.

2. Competitive pricing. We check it out, and offer the best possible prices every day. It’s a carousel of scouting & spying in North America… (We have a Best Price policy, too.)

1. 100% Guarantee. It’s a bold one that’s a perpetual test. Customers are not shy – if we ‘blow’ it, we know it. The company’s karma is also balanced by giving stuff away.

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