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James' Second Shaggy GPS Story

"But down in London, on the trail of Sir George Simpson, colourful head of the Hudson's Bay Company here in Canada from 1820-1860 (subject of this next book project)....

.....I got waylaid in Simpson's Tavern (image). Had a great time doing "research" in Simpson's Tavern (which hasn't changed, or so it seemed, since the heyday of the fur trade) [cue the ominous music ...]

The next day, I took a train to the docks at Landsend, where HBC ships used to depart for Canada --when trouble struck... Having had one too many of these.>>>> in the name of "research" the night before ... I fell asleep on the train from London to Gravesend and woke up one GPSMAP76S and one digital camera lighter, both of them having been lifted from the seat beside me during the siesta.

It's kind of a long story... the camera was out because the plan was to use the time on the train to learn how to work it (it was new because the previous one had been stolen on another junket ... another story) and the GPS unit was out because I'd forgotten to put my watch on that morning so, with its incredible satellite timing system, I could see on the MAP76S exactly what time it was, in addition to all kinds of info about where we were in the train, how fast we were going etc. etc. Alas, as I set these on the seat beside me and dozed off, someone came by, picked them up, and that I'm afraid was the end of that.

So that's my second Shaggy GPS story in as many years ... [see James Raffin's First Shaggy GPS Story] losing one unit through the ice to the fishes on the Peel River and one to some light-fingered Son of a Perch on the train from London to Landsend! "

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